JB Brown (F) Named NTPS President

National Test Pilot School (NTPS) Mojave, CA

JB Named NTPS PresidentOn behalf of the Board of Trustees, NTPS President & CEO, Dr. Allen L. (AL) Peterson is pleased to announce that Mr. James E. (JB) Brown III has been selected as the next NTPS President effective 3 September 2021. As President, Mr. Brown will be responsible for ensuring NTPS meets all facets of its Mission and Strategic Goals.

JB joined NTPS in 2016 after retiring from Lockheed Martin where he served in a numerous flight test positions in the F-117 and F-22 programs including Chief Test Pilot. While at NTPS, he served in a variety of management positons including Vice President, COO, CFO, Head of Training, and Chief FW Test Pilot Instructor.  JB also spent a few thousand hours passing on flight test knowledge test to students both in the classroom and in the air. 

JB is a Fellow and Past President of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, a Fellow in the Royal Aeronautical Society, and a member of Daedalians. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from VMI, a MS in Management from Troy State University, and is a graduate of USAF Test Pilot School class 86A.

Mr. Luca Campello will replace Brown as NTPS COO. Dr. Peterson will continue as the NTPS Chief Executive Officer focusing on Strategic Initiatives across the NTPS enterprise.

Fellows Class of 2021

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots is pleased to announce the Fellows Class of 2021. 

The Fellows’ presentation will be held during the 65th Annual Symposium at the Banquet on Saturday, 30 October at the Disneyland Hotel.

More information on the Annual Symposium can be found HERE.  We hope you can join us!

 Fellows Class of 2021

Stephen Barter
Thomas Carr
David Culbertson
Thomas Huff
James Manly
Yoshiteru Miwa
Thomas Porteous
Dieter Schweizer
Steve Stowe
Sergey Tresviatsky
Richard Truly

NTPS 40th Anniversary!

The National Test Pilot School (NTPS) is proud to announce our 40th Anniversary!! 29 April 2021 marked 40 years of NTPS providing flight test training to Test Pilots & FTEs from over 40 countries around the world. We recently unveiled our 40th Anniversary Painting called "Changing of the Guard" which depicts the EC-145 taking the lead in helicopter flight test training from the UH-1 as they fly over NTPS and other school aircraft (Prints are available). There has been tremendous change in these past 40 years and NTPS has continued to adapt, innovate, and lead in the modernization of flight test training. NTPS was first with Master’s degrees, Pre-TPS, significant Systems Curriculum, UAV curriculum integration, Graduate Assistant program, EASA certification, and University accreditation. All great examples of our commitment to our mission to advance flight test competency, improve flight test and aviation safety, and enhance the aerospace profession world-wide. NTPS would like to thank all of our loyal customers from across the globe. Here's to another 40 great years!


NTPS 40th

First Flight: Boeing’s Advanced F-15EX

The latest generation of the venerable F-15 fighter took flight on 2 February in St. Louis, with Boeing chief test pilot Matt Giese (AF) at the controls. The flight lasted 90 minutes, and began and ended at Lambert field. The F-15EX is a technologically advanced version of the fighter that entered service in 1974, with fly-by-wire controls, a stronger airframe and much more modern computers and sensors.

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Virgin Orbit Launch

Virgin Orbit Latimer Bippert Ericson

Kelly Latimer (AF), Eric Bippert (M) and Todd "Leif" Ericson (F) had the honor of flying the first ever air launch of a liquid-fueled rocket into orbit, successfully deploying 9 satellites.

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