SETP Fellows Class of 2023!

Frank Batteas
Lloyd Bingham
Gene Bollin
Randy Bresnik
Gianfranco Cito
Mark Feuerstein
Warren Hansen
Daniel Hinson
Edward Kolano
Gary Krier
John O'Connor
Keith Otsuka
Craig Penrice
Evan Thomas

Please join us as we congratulate these individuals who have reached this distinguished honor within the Society at the 67th Annual Symposium & Banquet on 27-30 September 2023! For more information on this event and to book your room reservation ASAP to ensure you receive the group rate, please click HERE.

SETP Election Results for 2023/2024 Board of Directors

Andrew McFarland (AF) was elected as President-Elect.  Andrew will assume the Office of President of the Society in September 2024.

Kerry Smith (AF) was elected as Vice President

Jameel Janjua (M) was elected as Secretary

Kelly Latimer (F) was elected as Treasurer

Rusty Lowry (AF) was elected as Legal Officer


SETP Preparedness Program (Formerly known as the SETP Partner Handbook)

Rise 360 

Welcome to the interactive, online SETP Preparedness program! (Formerly known as the SETP Partner Handbook) The contents of this program are designed to help you put the basics in order for your family as you embark on your career as a test pilot and/or to keep your affairs in order as you move through life.

In 2010 and 2011, the SETP Partner’s Committee and the SETP Critical Incident Response Committee were both formed to address the needs of the test pilot community more broadly and extend care/help to the families.  We had a few years of unfortunate tragedies that touched our SETP community deeply, and the members engaged with the partners to determine the best ways SETP could help support efforts to ensure members were prepared. The purpose of both of these committees is not simply to prepare you for the worst but to prepare you for the best.

This website was developed to help make navigating the handbook and completing the tasks within easier!

Neil Armstrong Luncheon Address

  While digging in our archives we found this historic presentation from SETP Charter Member Neil Armstrong (F),

at the Luncheon held during the 2005 Symposium that celebrated the SETP 50th Anniversary.

Please take 30 minutes out of your day to watch this captivating talk!