SETP Foundation

The Mission of the SETP Foundation is:


  • To provide flight test educational programs by sponsoring symposia and disseminating educational materials in order to increase the safety and efficiency of flight test and enhance the professional knowledge of test pilots, astronauts, cosmonauts and other aerospace professionals in the field of research and development.
  • To provide mentors for educating our youth, while encouraging them to enter flight test or an aerospace-related profession.

Flight Test Safety

  • To initiate and sustain a flight test related safety organization intended to promote flight safety, reduce the risk of mishap, promote risk reduction management and continually improve the profession's communication and coordination.
  • To develop, implement and maintain a computerized data base, readily available to all members and member organizations, containing flight test-related data collected from the industry.


  • To be the world’s leading source of history relating to test pilots and their profession.
  • To preserve the historical significance of the accomplishments of test pilots, the SETP, and the aerospace industry by displaying memorabilia, written and oral records, reports, photographs, video, and other artifacts.
  • To archive and display such history in a manner that supports and enhances the efforts of flight test education and flight test safety for current and future generations of flight test personnel and the general public.


SETP Scholarship Foundation

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to receive, acquire, manage, administer and expend property and funds for scholarships and other forms of educational assistance to children of deceased or disabled Society members.

Scholarships were first awarded in 1967. Since that time the Scholarship Foundation has granted $2,800,000 in educational assistance to more than 140 students. Approximately 12 students per year are expected to attend school with Society assistance. The Scholarship Foundation is solely supported by individual contributions. For every dollar contributed to the Foundation, more than ninety-five cents goes directly to covering the educational expenses of the students. A contribution to the Scholarship Foundation is the ideal way to commemorate a Society member while helping support the children of deceased and disabled members.



Education Outreach


Oral History Videos

You will find interviews with famous test pilots for the Society of Experimental Test Pilots Foundation’s Oral History Program, made possible by the generous support of the Northrop Grumman Corporation and individual donors, for the Society of Experimental Test Pilots Foundation, Lancaster, California.