Director, Research Services Directorate - Langley Research Center

Director, Research Services Directorate
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This position reports to the Director of the Langley Research Center. The Director, Research Services Directorate:

  • Serves as Langley's Chief of Flight Operations (Senior Line Manager) with authority over all flight activities operated or controlled by the Center, including Commercial Aircraft Services operations, and directly responsible for the development and integration of policies and procedures for the safe and effective conduct of those flight activities.
  • Reviews and concurs upon any Center contract or agreement that includes aviation operations or aircraft modification prior to issuance of an RFI (Request for Information) or RFP (Request for Proposal) solicitation, or award of a sole source contract, grant, or other aviation service procurement.
  • Participates in the formulation and execution of policy in areas of flight and simulation research at the Center and Agency levels as well as determining standards for personnel aircraft qualifications.
  • Ensures appropriate advances in the state-of-the-art in flight research and experimental flight test and simulation are included in research and technology development needed to meet Center and Agency programmatic needs.
  • Works integrally with direct reports ensuring aircraft facilities, pilots, and operations are compliant with applicable NASA, Federal Aviation Administration, and military regulations and directives.
  • Serves as a recognized engineering expert, technical authority, and technical advisor/consultant to Agency management, other government agencies, and the aerospace industry on flight test/research and simulation systems.
  • Manages integration efforts for projects and/or programs involving aeronautical flight systems, vehicles, and/or payloads, including design and operational requirements definition, verification, safety, integration, certification, and operations.
  • Manages multi-disciplinary teams in the design, development, integration, test, evaluation, operation, and long-term maintenance of flight vehicle and/or payload hardware, software, and associated systems.
  • As the Lead of NASA's Eastern Aircraft Region (LaRC/Wallops Flight Facility/Glenn Research Center): Represent the region within the Aircraft Capabilities Office as a member of the Aircraft Management Advisory Board to improve the effective use of aviation capabilities and resources, reduce redundancy, align mission support structures, and standardize processes consistent with roles and responsibilities.
  • Fosters and continually drives a culture of engagement, diversity, inclusiveness, excellence, and innovation within and outside of the organization and NASA. Champions the Agency's commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) and creates an environment and culture that promotes and enables the Agency's commitment to safety, inclusion, integrity, teamwork, and excellence.


Conditions of Employment

  • The individual selected will be required to file an 'Executive Branch Personnel Financial Disclosure Report' (OGE-278) in accordance with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.
  • Initial Senior Executive Service (SES) Career appointee is subject to a one-year probationary period.
  • Successful completion of a background investigation commensurate with the risk and sensitivity level of the position.
  • Successful completion of pre-employment and random drug testing may be required.
  • Must meet qualifications requirements by the closing date of this announcement.
  • The position requires the incumbent to be able to successfully complete an FAA First-Class medical certificate, military pilot flight physical, or obtain a NASA flight medical certification.


This position requires the incumbent to have the following current license and/or certification and specified flight hours. Your resume MUST indicate that you meet the following requirements. You may be asked for further documentation to support your eligibility.

Current license and/or certification: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commercial pilot's license with an instrument rating or a pilot and instrument rating from the armed services, NASA Pilot-in-Command (PIC), a military rating as an Aircraft Commander, or an FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.

Flight Hours: A minimum of the following flight time hours:

  • 1,500 hours of flight time as a pilot-in-command (or first pilot) that includes at least 500 hours in jet or turboprop aircraft
  • 250 hours of pilot-in-command
  • 75 hours of night flying

You also must have the skill and ability to perform the duties described above as demonstrated by progressively responsible supervisory/leadership experience, normally obtained over several years by serving in positions at the GS-15 level or equivalent.

To meet the minimum qualification requirements for this position, you MUST address each Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) and Mandatory Technical Qualification (MTQ) separately. If you fail to do so, your application will be rated ineligible. We recommend you provide two (2) examples of relevant experience for each ECQ. Responses to ALL ECQs must not exceed ten (10) pages; MTQ responses must not exceed one (1) page per MTQ. Please include your full name on all documents submitted.

If you are currently serving under a career SES appointment, are eligible for reinstatement into the SES, or have successfully completed a SES Candidate Development Program and been certified by Office of Personnel Management (OPM) you MUST submit a resume and in a separate document address the MTQs. Any ECQs submitted will not be considered. Your resume must clearly state that you are a current career SES, eligible for reinstatement, or SES CDP certified and year of certification.

When preparing your responses to the ECQs and MTQs, you are encouraged to follow the Challenge, Context, Action, and Result model outlined in the OPM's Guide to Senior Executive Service Qualification. For a sample template on how to format your ECQ narrative visit NASA's Executive Leadership Opportunities.


ECQ 1 - Leading Change: The ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to establish an organizational vision and to implement it in a continuously changing environment.

ECQ 2 - Leading People: The ability to lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts.

ECQ 3 - Results Driven: The ability to meet organizational goals and customer expectations. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks.

ECQ 4 - Business Acumen: The ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.

ECQ 5 - Building Coalitions: The ability to build coalitions internally and with other Federal agencies, State and local governments, nonprofit and private sector organizations, foreign governments, or international organizations to achieve common goals.


MTQ 1- Research piloting and operations experience in managing aircraft similar to those at the Center (e.g., Boeing 777, Gulfstream, Cessna, etc.). Ten years of relevant aviation experience is desired, three of which are in supervisory or managerial experience in aircraft operations.


This position has a positive education requirement. To be eligible, you must clearly state in your resume the following: degree, major and/or minor, and college/university.

A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major study in engineering, physical science, mathematics, life sciences, computer science, or other field of science.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR FOREIGN EDUCATION: If you are using education completed in foreign colleges or universities to meet the qualification requirements, you must show that the education credentials have been evaluated by a private organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign education programs. These education credentials must be deemed equivalent to that gained in an accredited U.S. education program; or full credit has been given for the courses at a U.S. accredited college or university. For further information, click here.

Additional information

Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance.

  • Benefits

How You Will Be Evaluated

You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

All qualifications requirements must be met by the closing date of the announcement. You will be evaluated based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

We will review your resume and required documents to ensure you meet the basic qualification requirements. If you meet the basic qualification requirements, your application will be evaluated based on your narrative statements addressing the ECQs and MTQs. Your application may then be referred to and evaluated by an Executive Resources Panel (ERP) and will be placed in one of the following categories: Not Qualified, Qualified, or Highly-qualified. Candidates may receive an interview and/or be asked to provide a list of references. The ERP will make a recommendation to the appropriate approving authority.

Required Documents

You must provide a complete application package. If you do not provide all required information, you will not be considered for this position. Only provide the following:

1. Resume showing relevant work experience (start/end dates stated in month/year, description of duties), applicable education at a minimum, and your contact information. For current or previous Federal employees, it should also include the Pay Plan, Series and Grade for each work experience entry. Limit your resume to 10 pages. If more than 10 pages are submitted, only the first 10 pages will be reviewed to determine your eligibility/qualifications.

2. Executive Core Qualifications narrative responses, if applicable. Limit your response to 10 pages. If more than 10 pages are submitted, only the first 10 pages will be reviewed to determine your eligibility/qualifications.

3. Mandatory Technical Qualifications narrative responses. Limit your response to 1 page per MTQ. If more than 1 page per MTQ is submitted, only the first pages for each MTQ will be reviewed to determine your eligibility/qualifications.

You may be asked to provide additional documentation to support your eligibility and the information provided in your application package. For example, we may request transcripts, SF-50s, SES Candidate Development Program certificate, etc. Therefore, we encourage you to have these documents prepared and ready when requested by the agency. If you fail to provide the required documents within the stated time period, we may withdraw a job offer and/or remove you from further consideration.

Salary $196,023 - $202,085 per year

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Fixed Wing Test Pilot Instructor - National Test Pilot School

Fixed Wing Test Pilot Instructor

National Test Pilot School
Mojave, CA

Come and join the World’s Test Pilot School! The National Test Pilot School is the World’s Leading Total Flight Test Training and Education Organization and the only Accredited Test Pilot School.

NTPS is looking to hire an outstanding Fixed Wing Test Pilot Instructor to join our cadre of flight test professionals. You will work as part of a team developing and delivering flight test course material. You will be teaching both academic and airborne instruction all aspects of the Fixed Wing P&FQ and Systems curriculum to both Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer students. You should have excellent interpersonal skills that will allow you to work well with people having a wide range of experience and diverse cultural backgrounds. You must be able to explain complex subjects in a manner that can be assimilated and applied by all students.

Required Education, Training, & Experience Criteria:

  • Test Pilot Graduate of a SETP recognized Test Pilot School.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or field closely associated with flight testing.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as a Fixed Wing Experimental Test Pilot.
  • FAA Medical 2nd Class.
  • Fluent in English.

Desired Education, Training, & Experience Criteria:

  • Ten+ years of flight test experience.
  • Previous Test Pilot School instructional experience.
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering (or closely related field) or equivalent.
  • Test experience with Civil Certification, Radar, EO/IR & Comm/Nav systems.
  • FAA Commercial Pilot License; Airplane (SEL/MEL), CFI/MEI and Instrument Airplane.
  • Type Rating/Authorized Experimental:  S-265, AV-L39, MB-326, NH-T38.
  • EASA Flight Test Instructor rating.
  • NVG and/or Helmet Mounted Display experience.

NTPS offers a competitive salary, 401k retirement plan with employer match, and a comprehensive benefits package. There is occasional travel associated with this position for field trips, student projects, course presentation, and consulting.

The salary range for this role is $170,000.00 to $190,000.00 per year.

Interested parties should email resumes to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


posted 29 August 2023

Test Pilot - Stratolaunch

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Position Summary

Stratolaunch is a technology accelerator that engineers operationally realistic testing at Mach 5+. Our air-launched, Talon testbeds are reusable, cost-effective platforms that enable routine access to the hypersonic environment. We deliver flight data critical to validating system performance and achieving rapid technology deployment. Together with our customers, we drive innovations that are imperative to advancing national security.

As a Test Pilot on the Stratolaunch team, you will have the opportunity to accomplish new milestones in aviation. You will provide comprehensive flight test technical support for experimental and developmental aircraft and payload systems development. You will participate in flight test in either the Stratolaunch Model 351 Carrier Aircraft, the world’s largest wingspan aircraft, or the 747-400 Carrier Aircraft. You should possess extensive experience in developmental flight test, and sound judgment to plan and accomplish program goals safely and effectively. You must establish and maintain effective relationships with colleagues on a small, agile design-to-flight team. Tasks include planning and flying test flights as Pilot in Command (PIC) or Second in Command (SIC); supporting ground tests as aircrew or Test Conductor; preparing system test plans and flight test cards; participating in engineering design reviews, simulator evaluations, technical and safety reviews, and flight briefings; drafting flight manual and operational guidance and documenting test results. As a key member of the Flight Operations team, you will have an essential role in meeting all Flight Operations objectives. You will be challenged with bringing unique and complex aircraft from development stage to operational use and proving capabilities for high-speed vehicle launch.


Serve as PIC/SIC for the experimental Model 351 Carrier Aircraft and/or the experimental 747-400, as well as other aircraft to be used for chase and training missions.

Write flight test plans, test cards, flight reports, and final test reports

Lead and/or participate in system design and design reviews

Develop test strategies, test plans and test procedures for aircraft and components

Lead and/or participate in ground and flight test events as test crew member or Test Conductor

Participate in control room operations as Mission Director or training officer, as required

Author and/or update Pilot Operating Handbook and related guidance, to include development of normal and emergency procedures

Maintain flying currency and proficiency in multiple different aircraft types

Must be able to work in a high stress environment


Pilot graduate of a full course test pilot school (SETP-recognized), or possess equivalent experience in developmental flight test programs

Minimum 1,200 hours total PIC flight time, to include at least 500 hours in turbine aircraft

Three years of test pilot experience on developmental flight test programs

FAA Commercial Multi‐Engine Land pilot certificate, without a centerline thrust restriction

FAA Second Class medical certificate

Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, or similar technical foundation to support aircraft design

Be independent and motivated; able to self‐direct and manage time effectively

Be able to work irregular hours and workdays, and travel periodically

Be knowledgeable of applicable Federal Aviation Regulations for flight operations and aircraft certification

Have excellent written and verbal communication skills

Possess or be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance

United States citizenship

Must have the ability to work in cramped, confined cockpit environments in both hot and cold environments for up to 8 hours with limited movement. Must have the ability to operate cockpit flight controls with up to 150 lbs. of rudder forces, elevator forces up to 120 lbs., and aileron forces up to 90 lbs.

Must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as instructed, to include flight helmet, oxygen mask and backpack parachute, and have the ability to egress cockpit area up to 10 feet off the ground via rope.


FAA Airline Transport Rating (ATP), or additional FAA type ratings and experience in multi-engine, non-centerline thrust aircraft

747-400 type rating

Possess FAA high altitude endorsement or equivalent military training

Experience as pilot in heavy multi-engine turbine aircraft

Six years of relevant experience on developmental flight test programs

Experience with external stores carriage and separation flight tests

Master’s Degree in engineering or related technical field

Previous experience with advanced flight controls or autonomous aircraft development

Previous experience with experimental or modified aircraft, technical and safety review boards, and configuration control

Familiar with government flight test organizations, ranges, and procedures

Special remarks regarding work environment, if applicable

This position is in Mojave, CA

Travel to CONUS or OCONUS test locations for extended test campaigns

Benefits and our location:


Up to %15 annual bonus

Relocation eligible to local area – Mojave, CA

9/80 schedule

Healthcare (medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs)

Paid Maternity and Parental Leave

50% company match per contributed dollar into 401(k) savings plan up to the IRS annual limit

Tuition reimbursement

Mojave Air & Spaceport is located 95 miles north of Los Angeles. To outsiders it may seem like it is the middle-of-nowhere, but it offers both affordability and central access to a variety of California’s best attractions and landmarks. Hikers will find themselves within a 2-3 hours distance of some of the best state and national parks, including Yosemite and Sequoia in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Skiers will delight in being closely distanced to world-class resorts at Mammoth Mountain, Mountain High, and Big Bear. Beachgoers can find plenty of sand, sun, and sunsets at both Southern and Central California beaches like Ventura, Huntington, Santa Monica, and Pismo. The area also offers plenty of rural area for off-roading and horseback riding enthusiasts.

Not much for the outdoors and prefer the city life? You’re within a half day’s drive or less of Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and San Francisco where you can find a variety of live entertainment, museums, tours, and historical sight-seeing. Theme parks are in abundance, with Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disneyland, and Knotts Berry Farm ready to meet the needs of rollercoaster thrill seekers.

Food and drink fanatics are in a haven of delectable choices. Wine aficionados will also find easy access to some of the state’s best vino in Paso Robles, Santa Ynez, and even more locally in Tehachapi and Agua Dulce. Beer fanatics will find some of the best West Coast IPAs at Bravery and Lucky Luke’s in Lancaster. Any food option you crave is covered, and we always recommend the authentic and fresh Mexican food that you won’t find anywhere else in the United States.

Applicants must be a US citizen or Green Card holder to be considered for this role.

Stratolaunch is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity at our company. We encourage people from all walks of life to apply, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law. Our management team does not tolerate discrimination or harassment at any point during our employees’ and applicants’ time with us, especially with respect to recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, training, compensation, benefits, employee activities, and general treatment during employment.

Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law:

Job Category: Flight Operations

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Senior Instructional Systems Design Analyst - ABSI Aerospace & Defense (2)

Senior Instructional Systems Design Analyst


Location: Edwards AFB, CA

US Citizenship Required for this Position: Yes

Clearance Type: Active Top Secret SCI

Work Schedule: Full time

Reports to: Instructional Design Analyst

Positions Supervised: None

Travel: Up to 25% of the time

Salary Range: $120,000 - $130,000 per year

Apply online at:



ABSI Aerospace & Defense is an innovative small business headquartered in the St Mary’s County Innovation District located in Southern Maryland, a short distance from Naval Air Systems Command. At its core, ABSI is a technical solutions company committed to rapidly delivering emerging technologies that create asymmetric advantages for our customers. This is only made possible by employing and retaining world-class subject matter experts and personnel equally committed to our mission. To support our workforce, ABSI offers highly competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, excellent benefits, instant 401K vesting and a full cafeteria plan that employees can tailor to their individual needs.

The Instructional Systems Design Analyst will work closely with the USAF TPS staff to develop and deliver curriculum for the USAF TPS Flight Test and Space Test Courses offered multiple times throughout each year.  These courses include classroom academics and multiple hands-on practical exercises to meet program learning objectives. Successful completion of the Flight Test Course qualifies students for a master’s degree in Fight Test Engineering. Successful completion of the Space Test Course does not currently qualify students for a master’s degree, however further development is planned to grow this course into a master’s degree granting program.



The Instructional Systems Design Analyst will be responsible for:

  • Conducting analyses and developing curricula and associated products in multiple formats according to instructional principles, client objectives, and program objectives
  • Developing Functional Needs Assessments (FNA) and Instructional Media Design Platforms (IMDP) when appropriate
  • Determining instructional strategies to be used, and ensuring curriculum developed follows sound ISD methodology
  • Developing instructor-led training, including instructional materials, learning assessments, job aids, quick reference materials, and exercises or learning activities
  • Guiding subject matter experts, in the government and others, through the training design and development process
  • Designing and delivering instructor training sessions for new instructors and recurrent training for existing instructors
  • Facilitating and analyzing feedback to implement continuing improvement
  • Performing other duties as assigned


  • Master’s degree with at least 5 years of ISD experience, or a Bachelor’s degree with 10 years of ISD experience.
  • Demonstrated experience with systematic approaches to curriculum development, including analysis of and research into a client’s learning needs and gaps, developing learning objectives, managing expectations, and identifying resources.
  • Experience with planning, developing, and applying training needs analyses or assessments
  • Experience with data collection, data analysis, and project design
  • Experience with leading training design and delivery teams
  • Experience delivering instruction to adult learners


  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Instructional Design Certification or equivalent experience
  • Experience with college level accreditation processes
  • Knowledge of Air Force ISD processes, and mission partner roles and responsibilities
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and web-based collaborative resources such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

ABSI Aerospace & Defense is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind: ABSI is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants and to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. All employment decisions at ABSI are based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, status as a covered veteran, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. ABSI will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.


The Company has reviewed this job description to ensure that essential functions and basic duties have been included. It is intended to provide guidelines for job expectations and the employee's ability to perform the position described. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all functions, responsibilities, skills and abilities. Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by supervisors as deemed appropriate. This document does not represent a contract of employment, and the Company reserves the right to change this position description and/or assign tasks for the employee to perform, as the Company may deem appropriate.


posted 23 August

Test Pilot - Joby Aviation

Test Pilot (Marina, CA or Edwards AFB vicinity)

Job Locations US-CA-Marina
ID 2023-2631
Category Flight Test
Type Regular Full-Time

Joby Overview

Located in Northern California, the team at Joby Aviation is driven by our goal of creating an affordable, all-electric air transportation system. Imagine a piloted air taxi that takes off vertically, then quietly carries you and your fellow passengers over the congested city streets below, enabling you to spend more time with the people and places that matter most. Since 2009, our team has worked steadily to make this dream a reality. We’ve designed and tested many generations of prototype aircraft capable of serving in a network of electric air taxis. We’re looking for talented, committed individuals to join our team as we push onwards toward certifying the Joby aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration, scaling our manufacturing, and preparing to launch commercial service in 2025.


Joby Aviation is seeking a passionate and driven test pilot to join our flight test team. This role requires a wide range of knowledge and skill that includes planning and flight testing experimental CTOL/VTOL fly-by-wire aircraft and supporting all certification flight test related activities. Formal test pilot training and/or experience is essential, as is flexibility in outlook to adapt core flight test principles to a radically new aviation environment. Either or both VSTOL and DER or AR qualification is desired.


  • Perform flight test activities including test planning, text execution as pilot (both remote UAV and inhabited flight test), chase pilot, flight debriefs and post flight analysis and reporting
  • Perform simulator testing both, development, Failure Modes and Effects Testing and other purposes
  • Contribute to flight readiness reviews, test safety reviews and other flight test admin activities
  • Perform flight test engineering duties including test card preparation, test direction and other control room responsibilities
  • Perform miscellaneous engineering duties as tasked
  • Complete all required documentation in accordance with established company and FAA procedures
  • Observe all laws, regulations, and other applicable obligations wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the Company
  • Expected to work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices
  • Other duties as assigned or required


  • Long course graduate of recognized test pilot school or, exceptionally, equivalent on-the-job training
  • At least 3 years additional flight test experience post training, with at least 50 hours experimental or certification flight test experience as test pilot
  • Bachelor's of Science degree or equivalent experience and training
  • Fixed Wing and / or Rotorcraft Commercial Certificate
  • A minimum of 1,000 hours pilot in command flight time
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work extended hours and travel as required
  • Read and speak English proficiently


  • Both fixed wing and rotary wing flight test experience, with principal experience in fixed wing
  • AV-8 or F-35B experience and/or V-22 experience
  • FAA certification flight test experience
  • Flight instructional experience
  • Test pilot school instructional experience
  • Experience with all-electric aircraft
  • Flight test DER or AR

Compensation at Joby is a combination of base pay and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). The target base pay for this position is $175,648 -$254,805/year. The compensation package will be determined by job-related knowledge, skills, and experience.

Joby also offers a comprehensive benefits package, including paid time off, healthcare benefits, a 401(k) plan with a company match, an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP), short-term and long-term disability coverage, life insurance, and more.


Joby Aviation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


posted 4 August 2023

Aircraft Pilot (Flight Test), FAA

Aircraft Pilot (Flight Test), FAA

Open & closing dates 07/28/2023 to 08/17/2023
Salary $88,791 - $137,651 per year
Salary includes base pay only. Locality pay will be based on the selectee's current duty location.
Pay scale & grade FV J



Incumbent serves as a Flight Test Pilot (FTP) with primary responsibilities to ensure type certification of the performance, stability, and control requirements including envelope expansion, handling qualities and performance of new or modified 14 CFR Part 23 and/or Part 25 aircraft.

This job is open to

The public U.S. Citizens, Nationals or those who owe allegiance to the U.S.

Individuals with disabilities


Special authorities
Individuals eligible under a special authority not listed above, but defined in the federal hiring regulations.

Clarification from the agency
Also open to those eligible for 30% or More Disabled


Incumbent is considered a technical authority responsible for the flight test compliance of the type certification processes for avionics, propulsion, and mechanical/electrical systems and equipment installations on those same aircraft. Responsible for the adequacy and uniformity in application of regulations, national policies, advisory circulars, national directives, and procedures affecting the flight test aspects of analysis, design, testing, and continued airworthiness of such aircraft. Makes technical presentations to manufacturers, professional organizations, and foreign certification authorities as required.

Represents the FAA as a senior technical point of contact. Participates as a subject matter expert on type certification board meetings, flight safety review board meetings, and flight standardization boards as required. Maintains a high level of pilot proficiency and currency in categories and classes of aircraft normally flown in assigned type certification projects in accordance with Aircraft Certification Service orders, policies, and procedures pertaining to Aircraft Certification Services. Conducts qualitative and quantitative flight tests and evaluates engineering data on modified and new type design aircraft to oversee and spot-check applicants' compliance showings for applicable airworthiness requirements. Applies expertise and experience to recommend improvements to internal/external processes related to certification and organizational issues.

Receives general direction and guidance from a manager. Consults with a manager or team leader on technical matters when appropriate. Exercises wide latitude to use independent judgment and make decisions. Works jointly with management to solve problems. Work is reviewed only to assure quality and conformance with policy. Frequency of review is commensurate with the complexity and visibility of the assignment. Work activities directly affect the objectives of the LOB, the FAA, the operation of the NAS, foreign governments, and the domestic and international aerospace industries. Work directly affects the safety of the flying public.

Incumbent must satisfy licensing, qualifications, and certification requirements as appropriate. Minimum eligibility requirements are based on possession of the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificates and/or appropriate military ratings, meeting the applicable flight hour requirements and possession of the knowledge and skills required for the position.

Candidates must demonstrate possession of the knowledge and skills required for the work by meeting certain minimum flight hour requirements, including recency of flight experience. Only that flight experience that is directly related to the work of the position is required for purposes of establishing minimum eligibility.

This is a Drug and Alcohol testing designated position.

The incumbent must possess a current first or second-class medical certificate in accordance with DOT Order 3910.1C, Testing Designated Positions, AIR Flight Test Operations Manual, and FAA requirements.


Conditions of Employment

  • US Citizenship is required.
  • Selective Service Registration is required for males born after 12/31/1959.
  • Designated or Random Drug Testing required.
  • If the Agency decides to interview any qualified employee on the selection list, then all on the list who are qualified must be interviewed.
  • First or Second Class Medical is required (First class medical is required for new hires)


Minimum eligibility requirements are based on possession of the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificates and/or appropriate military ratings, meeting the applicable flight hour requirements and possession of the knowledge and skills required for the position.

All applicants MUST possess a valid first or second-class medical certificate. Selected candidates must obtain a first class medical certificate prior to appointment.

Candidates must possess a current Commercial Pilot Certificate or Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating with airplane single-engine and multi-engine land and instrument ratings or the appropriate military ratings (Refer to Required Documents Section).

Qualifications are based on possession of the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificates and/or appropriate military ratings, meeting the applicable flight hour requirements and possession of the knowledge and skills required for the position.

Candidates must demonstrate possession of the knowledge and skills required for the work by meeting certain minimum flight hour requirements, including recency of flight experience. Only that flight experience that is directly related to the work of the position is required for purposes of establishing minimum eligibility.

NOTE: Candidates establishing eligibility based on military flight experience must provide official orders, forms, or logbooks showing their status as a rated military pilot, flight instructor, or flight examiner, as appropriate.

Flight test positions also require completion of a flight test school such as a military flight test school, or at least 1 year of experience either flight testing aircraft for engineering approval (civilian or military) or analyzing aircraft performance data.

NOTE: Acceptable engineering flight test experience must have been for the purpose of establishing the basic airworthiness of prototype aircraft or component parts in the experimental/developmental stage. This experience includes flight testing of an aircraft or component from the time of first developmental flight testing through final FAA certification or military acceptance testing. This experience must include basic stability, controllability, and performance testing to determine compliance with civil, military, or foreign standards.

The following flight hour requirements apply:

1. Total Flight Time-1750 hours, Flight time as pilot-in-command or second-in-command (copilot) in aircraft of any weight or category is creditable for this requirement. For inservice placements actions, up to one-fourth of the total flight hours may by waived for candidates who have demonstrated possession of the knowledge and skills needed to perform the work, provided they hold the certificates and ratings required; have acquired the pilot-in-command hours and flight hours in other categories essential to performance of the work; meet the requirements in terms of level and quality of experience; and flying history indicates they are qualified for the position.

2. Pilot-In-Command-1150 hours, Only flight hours acquired as pilot-in-command are creditable.

3. Night Flying-75 hours, For inservice placement actions, 25 hours may be waived if the candidate demonstrates the ability to perform the work

4. Flying Time, Last 12 Months-100 hours, At least one-fourth of the total hours must be in either fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft. For inservice placement actions, up to one-half of the flight hours may be waived provided the individual's total background reflects the ability to perform the duties of the position safely.

5. Multi-engine Airplane-500 hours, Position requires operation of heavy multi-engine airplanes (i.e., gross takeoff weight in excess of 12,500 pounds). At least 50 percent of the flight hours must have been in such heavy airplanes. Up to 250 hours flying time acquired in heavy helicopters (gross takeoff weight in excess of 12,500 pounds) may be substituted.

6. Instrument-75 hours, At least 10 of the required hours must have been logged in actual instrument weather. The balance may have been acquired in a flight simulator or as other types of instrument flight time, e.g., hood instrument.

Complete OPM Qualifications Standard for the Aircraft Operation Series, 2181, available at:

In addition to the basic qualification listed above, to qualify for this position you must demonstrate in your application that you possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to FV-I, FG/GS-13. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position.

Specialized experience includes: Flight test pilot experience planning and conducting flight test programs that lead to 14 CFR Part 23, and/or Part 25, and or Part 27, and/or Part 29, and/or Part 33 type certification (or equivalent military compliance and airworthiness standards).

Qualifications must be met by the closing date of this vacancy announcement.

Training Requirement: Failure to successfully complete all required training, including the FAA initial flight test training course, and to obtain all required certificates may result in reassignment, demotion, or dismissal.

Flight Check: Candidates may be required to demonstrate proficiency in an aircraft, including a flight check to demonstrate ability to perform flight test techniques. Candidates will be evaluated on the quality of their experience as it pertains to the specific positions being filled.

Applicants must apply on-line to receive consideration for this vacancy announcement. Faxed, mailed or e-mailed applications cannot be accepted.

Applicants may be asked to verify information on your application for employment with the FAA.

As a part of the Federal-Wide Hiring Reform Initiative (streamlining the hiring process), the FAA is committed to eliminating the use of the Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) narratives from the initial application in the hiring process. Therefore, as an applicant for this external announcement, you are NOT required to provide a narrative response in the text box listed below each KSA.

In lieu of providing a KSA narrative response in the text box listed below each KSA, in your work history, please include information that provides specific examples of how you meet the response level or answer you chose for each KSA. Your work history examples should be specific and clearly reflect the highest level of ability. Your KSA answers will be evaluated further to validate whether the level that you selected is appropriate based on the work history and experience you provided.

Eligible applicants meeting the minimum qualification requirements and selective factor(s), if applicable, may be further evaluated on the KSA listed in the announcement. Based on this evaluation, applicants will be placed in one of the following categories: score order, category grouping, or priority grouping and referred to the selecting official for consideration.


posted 2 August 2023