65th Annual Symposium & Banquet - Call for Papers

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots is pleased to announce the

65th Annual Symposium & Banquet ~ Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa in Anaheim, CA

22-25 September 2021

 DISCLOSURE: If guidelines indicate that an in-person event will not be permitted, we will notify the membership as soon as we have this information. 



Since 1957, professionals in the international flight test community have gathered amongst friends and colleagues at the annual “S&B” to discuss new and emerging concepts and share lessons learned in the pursuit of enhanced flight test safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. The foundation for this interchange is the presentation of technical papers from SETP members and the flight test community at large.

Regardless of how long you have been involved in flight test, you have the potential to enlighten this symposium and our community. Whether you have accomplished something great, or perhaps feel as though you ought to have done better, you surely have some lessons that can educate your fellow flight test professionals.

Your lessons-learned give Symposium attendees the benefit of your experiences, but your audience also needs to hear what you did to ensure that future testers in your organization—and beyond—will not have to re-learn your lessons. The importance of being agents of change for the better in our organizations cannot be understated. Don’t neglect reporting how you turned your lessons into lasting change.

Papers for the 2021 Symposium will be selected on the basis of their potential to educate and enlighten attendees. Technical content is paramount; tailor your submission to provide value to a diverse international audience. Plan on taking no more than 30 minutes, including 5 minutes for audience questions.

Presenters are eligible for one of three different awards.

  • The η "Eta" Award recognizes the best presentation that demonstrates how new or refined test techniques, imaginative data collection and processing, or novel approaches resulted in better test execution.
  • The Javier Arango Memorial Award recognizes presenters who share his passion for aviation history and the connection between pilot and aircraft. The award is given to the best presentation that focuses on aviation history or the human-machine interface.
  • The Ray E. Tenhoff Award, one of only three awards established in the SETP Constitution, was enacted in 1962 to recognize the best all-around presentation of a paper at the Annual Symposium. Submission of a written paper will be required to be eligible for the Tenhoff Award.

Although only required for Tenhoff Award eligibility, manuscripts will be gratefully accepted. A written paper is the most effective method for documenting and disseminating original and important information; written lessons are much more likely to be passed along within our organizations and community. For Tenhoff eligibility a completed manuscript, releasable to the SETP membership, must be submitted no less than 24 hours prior to the opening of the Symposium. Manuscripts will be published online even if submitted after the Tenhoff Award deadline.


Abstracts should be approximately 150 words, and titles ten words or less. Your abstract should focus on the key points of your presentation and the most important lessons learned. The deadline for abstract submission is 7 June 2021. Kindly indicate whether or not you intend to submit a written paper for online publication.

Email abstracts to: SETP Headquarters – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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