Flight Test Museum Foundation Inspires Teen Through Junior Test Pilot Summer Program

The Flight Test Museum Foundation hosts the Junior Test Pilot Summer Program and many SETP Members volunteer to cover various daily themes like: Flight, Edwards Dry Lake Bed, Stealth, Altitude, MACH Speed, Payload, Engines, Maneuverability, and Reconnaissance.

The Flight Test Museum Foundation (FTMF) is who SETP is collaborating with for the new museum outside the gates of Edwards, AFB.


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Education Outreach

Flight Test 101 - September 2020


Flight Test 101 - Anaheim, CA


Flight Test 101

PowerPoint Legacy Presentation
(Download the PowerPoint presentation and all video to the same directory)

 Modern PowerPoint Presentation with Embedded Video
(This is a large file so it may take a couple minutes to download from Dropbox)

The SETP Education Outreach briefing is intended for use by members to educate STEM-oriented students on the fundamentals of the flight test profession.  The script was written for a target audience between the U.S. 11th/12th grade and collegiate freshman/sophomore level of education: feel free to modify it to suit the education level of your particular audience.  The intent of this suggested briefing is to simply make it easier/quicker for members to encourage our next generation of flight testers!         

The brief is available for download in two versions.  "Legacy Presentation" is a PowerPoint 2003-2007 version, with links to applicable videos inside the presentation.  The "modern" version was created with PowerPoint 2013, with all videos "embedded" inside the presentation.  (hence, it's enormous file size)  Downloading the legacy presentation requires that you click on each file in the Google drive, then select the 'download' icon that appears at the top of the page.  Store all video files in the same folder with the PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation for proper playback in PowerPoint's 'slideshow' mode.  Selecting the 'modern' download link will trigger a warning stating, "There was a problem previewing this document."  (file size presumably triggers this)  Select the download button anyway.  Next you will get a warning stating the file is too large for a virus scan -- and asking you if you want to download regardless.  As of 19 Sep 15, the file has been confirmed to be virus-free.  Nevertheless, we recommend you keep your virus software up-to-date before downloading -- and that you scan the file immediately upon download.  The advantage of the modern version -- if your computer has the requisite PowerPoint version and video codecs installed -- is that automatic video playback in 'slideshow' mode is generally less error-prone, and often results in smoother video play-back. 

If you don't know what computer you will be using for the presentation -- or which version of PowerPoint -- we recommend you download both versions.  When you arrive at your speaking venue, install both versions on the computer's internal hard drive, and test video playback.  If neither version works, try deleting all video files from the presentations, and then reinsert them -- ON THE COMPUTER you will be presenting with.  Worst-case, videos can simply be played back independently from the PowerPoint software.         

A suggested script is available by selecting the "Notes" page view in PowerPoint.  Make sure to review the "Notes to Briefers" on Slide 1 -- there is useful information/suggestions there.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you are having difficulty downloading the files




SETP Foundation’s Mentorship with STEM Outreach

SETP was excited to learn that Anthony Nunez received a full scholarship to Stanford, where he plans to study aerospace or mechanical engineering. Anthony notes his experience at the SETP Annual Symposium as inspiring him in his journey, with thanks to the SETP Foundation’s mentorship with STEM outreach.

A note from the Principal of Fulton & Alsbury Academy of Arts and Engineering:

I want to take a moment to thank you and the Society for your partnership in inspiring our kids. Today I got a call from Anthony Nunez, pictured below with Martin at the 2016 Annual Symposium as an 8th grader. Anthony just received a full scholarship to Stanford, where he plans to study aerospace or mechanical engineering. He mentioned to me his experience at the SETP Symposium as inspiring him in his journey, so I want you to share credit for that. Partners like you who give our kids a "spark" that lights a fire inside of them makes all the difference and reaching them early pays dividends. 

All the best,

Dr. Andy Glatfelter


Student 2016

Anthony Nunez,  with Martin “Sjeng” Van de Pol at the 2016 Annual Symposium as an 8th grader.