President Memo: Request for Donations to SETP Foundations

Sandberg Brian Headshot

Dear SETP Member,

On behalf of your Board of Directors, we need your support.  Our Society is a product of what we as member volunteers and donors put into it. There are many ways to help from volunteering your time, your financial contribution, or both.  Here are some suggestions.

BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER - Attend or volunteer to help your local SETP Section. Run for Section office, assist with a symposium or submit a paper or write an article for Cockpit Magazine. Mentor young students by supporting science fairs, airshows, or other science/aviation related events. You can share the benefits of SETP membership and encourage non-member test pilots to join. You have important contributions to make and unique talents through which to make them!  Do something to spark a fire in a kid's eye who will one day take your place. 

DONATE TO ONE OF OUR FOUNDATIONS - Any amount makes a difference! (Donations to these foundations are tax-deductible in the United States).  We’ve included descriptions of the two Foundations below if you aren’t sure which Foundation you’d prefer. Or consider both. You can mail a check or you can visit and click “Foundations” at the top of the page to process an online credit card donation.  If you are estate planning, please consider including special gifts to our Foundations in your Will or Living Trust. 

SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION - The SETP Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization chartered in 1967 to gather, administer and manage scholarships and educational assistance to the children of deceased or disabled SETP members world-wide.  Scholarship funds are professionally managed and are solely supported through individual donations.  There is no finer way to remember our fallen Members than by donating to help support the education of their children. Practically speaking, access to this insurance is more than worth the price of SETP’s annual membership fee.  The SETP Scholarship Foundation now has a process to provide some scholarships to living, active Members’ children!  This is evaluated yearly to determine if and how much is available to our living active Members. This is an additional membership benefit to SETP Members to help offset the cost of higher education and trade schools. More information can be found at

SETP FOUNDATION - The SETP Foundation advances our mission by safeguarding flight test history and investing in our future.  The Foundation retains and preserves the Society’s important historical data to include memorabilia, written records, oral histories, reports, photographs, and other artifacts of historical significance relating to test pilots and our profession.  It also supports educational and mentoring initiatives to enhance our profession for both current and future colleagues. Our partnership with the Flight Test Historical Foundation provides a future facility to display our history and provide future STEM education. It’s a great step forward but it will require your financial help to become a reality. More information on this can be found at

Your support is essential to our Foundations success.  On behalf of your new Board of Directors and the SETP Staff, I thank you for your support.  

Fly Safe and I look forward to seeing you this year!

Warmest Regards,

John Tougas (AF)
SETP President