Eta Award

The η "Eta" Award is given specifically to recognize the presenter or presenters whose presentation demonstrates how new or refined test techniques, imaginative data collection and processing, novel approaches, more efficient support equipment, fixtures, etc. resulted in better execution of the test program, balanced with risk and mindful of safety.  In today's world, fiscal realities and limitations present unique challenges to testers to plan, execute and report a safe and technically sound test program in an efficient manner to minimize cost.

The η “Eta” Award will be presented each year at the Annual Symposium and Awards Banquet. The President of the Society or his designee and the sponsoring company, Lockheed Martin, will present this Award.

The name of the recipient(s) of the η “Eta” Award will be treated as confidential information. Notification of this selection will be made known to the winner(s) only if it becomes necessary to ascertain that he will be present to accept the award.

The same panel of judges used for the Tenhoff Award selection will be used for the η “Eta” Award.