SF Student Sucess Stories - Sarah Fessenden

Current Career - I work with Plumas Rural Services (PRS), a nonprofit agency in northeastern California, as a grant writer.  PRS offers a wide variety of community and social services in a four-county region of the state where the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges meet.  The services we provide include WIC, Domestic Violence Shelter/Services, Child Abuse Treatment, substance abuse treatment, community resource centers, disability services, child care resources, a community time bank, and regional food security work.  I seek ongoing funding to maintain and expand the agency's programs and services. I research and pursue federal, state, local and private foundation grants to support our services.  I also work with community partners to identify common objectives where agencies can share resources to reach mutual or complementary goals.
SETP provided me with crucial scholarship support during my years at Stanford in the years immediately following my father's, Rick Fessenden's, death in a crash while performing at an airshow.