SF Student Sucess Stories - Sarah Fessenden

Current Career - I work with Plumas Rural Services (PRS), a nonprofit agency in northeastern California, as a grant writer.  PRS offers a wide variety of community and social services in a four-county region of the state where the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges meet.  The services we provide include WIC, Domestic Violence Shelter/Services, Child Abuse Treatment, substance abuse treatment, community resource centers, disability services, child care resources, a community time bank, and regional food security work.  I seek ongoing funding to maintain and expand the agency's programs and services. I research and pursue federal, state, local and private foundation grants to support our services.  I also work with community partners to identify common objectives where agencies can share resources to reach mutual or complementary goals.
SETP provided me with crucial scholarship support during my years at Stanford in the years immediately following my father's, Rick Fessenden's, death in a crash while performing at an airshow.

SF Student Success Stories - Cecily C. Hazelrigg-Hernandez

Cecily_Hazelrigg__RamiroCurrent Career - Adjunct Faculty, Fairhaven College Western Washington University (teaching in American Cultural Studies Program); Deputy Attorney, Skagit County Public Defender’s Office.
I teach upper division courses on ethnic/cultural relations. I also recently accepted a position as a Deputy Attorney in a local county Public Defender’s Office. Ultimately, I would not have completed more than my community college degree, were it not for the financial support provided by the SETP Scholarship Foundation. When I first applied for the SETP scholarship, I was a single mom. I am now the first on both sides of my family with a doctoral level degree.

SF Student Success Stories - Andrew Fessenden

Current Career – “I am currently employed by the Hawaii Air National Guard as an F-15 pilot.  I was initially hired by the Mass ANG in 2000 but transferred to the Hawaii ANG in 2007 and am now 3 months away from my class date for the F-22 TX course. Our job in the HIANG is two fold.  We are always ready to deploy with our active duty brethren but we also play an integral part in homeland security.  We always have two pilots on alert status ready to scramble 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 
I was a recipient of an SETP scholarship while attending UCSD and am eternally grateful for your generosity. Although my college experience did not include an aviation focus, the scholarship helped me continue my schooling that ended up steering me back to aviation.  It was very important for me at that point in my life to continue with my college education, a financial and emotional challenge that the SETP scholarship helped my family overcome.
I have since been fortunate to attend USAF pilot training and have spent over 8 years flying the F-15 in the Guard.  I have enjoyed opportunities to train in Iceland, Singapore, and Thailand,  have flown into various airshows including Oshkosh, and have been a part of many fly-bys.  I am now only months away from my F-22 Raptor training date, the very plane in which our friend Tom Morganfeld flew numerous test flights many years ago. 
Being a traditional guardsmen, I will begin my search in the near future for a full-time career in aviation and look to apply to Fed Ex if given the opportunity.  Although i never anticipated following my father to a career in aviation, surprisingly I've taken a very similar path.  Thank you all for your wisdom in setting up such a scholarship program for young people in need.  I am very grateful to have been a recipient of your generosity.” 

SF Student Success Stories - Cathrine Crutchfield

Current Job – “I am a manager/lifeguard at a pool, responsible for facility rules and overseeing the staff. While life guarding, I am testing and applying for the position of police officer. 
I am extremely grateful for what the SETP Scholarship Foundation has done for me. My dream is to be a police officer and become a role model to society. With the Foundation’s help, I am on my way to my dream and am very excited about it.”

SF Student Success Stories - Stephanie Brohmer

Brohmer_StephanieCurrent Career – “I am an Independent Contractor for 2 music companies in So. California. I also maintain my own private studio teaching piano, voice and music theory. I have recently been hired to teach an intro music class and direct a choir through a charter school.
 I really couldn’t have done this without the support and generosity from the Scholarship Foundation. I am deeply touched by the impact they have made on my family.”