Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award


The Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award was established by the Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC) to formally recognize a single individual, or small group of individuals, who, over some period of time, has made a significant flight test safety contribution to the flight test community as a whole, an organization, or a specific program . This award is not meant for entire organizations as there are other professional organizational awards in that category. Nominations for the Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award are reviewed by the Flight Test Safety Committee and the most deserving nominee from the past year is selected. The recipient(s) is announced at the North American Flight Test Safety Workshop in the spring of each year. The distinctive flight helmet trophy (pictured above) is officially presented by the corporate sponsor of the award (The Gentex Corporation) at the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) Annual Awards Banquet in the fall.

Selection Criteria

  1. 1. A qualified nomination will normally contain details of a significant contribution to the overall flight test safety community, or the nominee’s organization, or program, over some period of time. However, a singular, exemplary, flight test safety achievement involving the saving of human life, flight test program, or test aircraft may also be nominated. Preceding and during this type of event, the nominee(s) should have demonstrated compliance with the applicable flight test safety rules and the generally agreed-upon industry best practices of test preparation and conduct.

  2. 2. The award is mainly focused on an individual, however, it can be presented to a small group of individuals.  

  3. 3. The award can be presented to a person whose regular or additional duties involve flight test safety, but it is based on significant achievement above and beyond their normal responsibilities, and thus worthy of recognition. An example of this would be an individual who has significantly contributed to the general flight test community as a whole or dramatically improved or increased the effectiveness of his/her Flight Test Safety Branch while assigned to that department or position.

  4. 4. An individual, or outstanding team effort key in the development of a significant flight test safety related technology.

  5. 5. An individual (or small group of individuals) who has been a key developer of a new risk management process or flight test technique/methodology that significantly improves flight test safety and currently affects (or has the potential to positively affect) a significant portion of the flight test community.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. 1. Nominations are solicited and accepted by the Flight Test Safety Committee at any time during the year.

  2. 2. Nominations may be submitted by any individual having sufficient knowledge of the nominee to make the recommendation. Self-nominations are discouraged.

  3. 3. The Nomination form must be presented in writing not later than the 30th of March for consideration within that calendar year. If not selected, re-submission of award nominations in the next year is appropriate and encouraged.

  4. 4. The nomination must contain a compelling description and/or pertinent information concerning the candidate's overall contribution to flight test safety, or why an individual event was noteworthy enough to warrant this recognition.

  1. 5. Nominations may be submitted in any of the following ways:

                a. Email your nomination form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
                b. or FAX. 661-940-0398.