SETP 63rd Annual Symposium - Photo Gallery and VideoCasts Now Available

The video podcasts for the 63rd Annual SETP Symposium are now available to view in the Member's Only section of the SETP website.  

You will need your username and password to access the podcasts.  Click HERE to log in.

Click HERE to view the photo gallery for the Annual Symposium.

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Test Pilot Instructor Earns Navy’s First Army Broken Wing Award

Congratulations to Barbara Gordon (M) on receiving this prestigious award!

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SETP Preparedness Program (Formerly known as the SETP Partner Handbook)

Rise 360 

Welcome to the interactive, online SETP Preparedness program! (Formerly known as the SETP Partner Handbook) The contents of this program are designed to help you put the basics in order for your family as you embark on your career as a test pilot and/or to keep your affairs in order as you move through life.

In 2010 and 2011, the SETP Partner’s Committee and the SETP Critical Incident Response Committee were both formed to address the needs of the test pilot community more broadly and extend care/help to the families.  We had a few years of unfortunate tragedies that touched our SETP community deeply, and the members engaged with the partners to determine the best ways SETP could help support efforts to ensure members were prepared. The purpose of both of these committees is not simply to prepare you for the worst but to prepare you for the best.

This website was developed to help make navigating the handbook and completing the tasks within easier!

Air Cdre 'Rod' Banks / Schneider Trophy / Miles M.52 Supersonic Aircraft (National Aerospace Library Sound Archive)


For your information a historic sound recording of  Air Commodore Francis Rodwell 'Rod' Banks  in which he describes in detail his long career in aviation and in particular his long involvement with the development of aero engines and his key role in the Schneider Trophy contests has just been added to the National Aerospace Library Sound Archive - a real 'Who's Who' of aviation personalities and historical subjects based on original recordings held in the Library's archives - and is now available to listen to via the Royal Aeronautical Society's SoundCloud web-site :-

The specific link to the recording is (just click on the arrow button to 'Play'):-

Air Cdre Banks' 1967 lecture has been released alongside recordings of lectures by Schneider Trophy pilot Gp. L. S. Snaith and a 2004 lecture by Mike Hirst on the history of the Miles M.52 supersonic aircraft project.

A quick link to the historic lectures and speeches available so far (including Sir Frederick Handley Page, Igor Sikorsky, Jeffrey Quill, Peter Twiss, Charles H. Gibbs-Smith, Andrew Brookes, Silvius Dornier, Sir Richard Glazebrook, Commander Graeme Rowan-Thomson, Keith Hayward, Sir Dermot Boyle, Philip Wills, Chris Yeo, Captain John Cecil Kelly-Rogers, Col. Al Worden, Peter Hearne, Sir George Edwards,  Captain John Cecil Kelly-Rogers, John Farley, A. W. 'Bill' Bedford, H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, Christopher Bartlett, Andy Sephton, Dr. Ron Smith, A. R. Collar and Sir Vernon Brown) is:-

A quick link to the extended interviews available so far (including interviews with Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown, Chuck Yeager, Scott Crossfield,  Handel Davies, Al White, Bill Humble, Pete Knight, Dick Johnson, Philip Lucas, Peter Bugge, Col. Emil ‘Ted’ Sturmthal, Harald Penrose, John Morton, D. P. Davies, Jeffrey Quill, John Cunningham, Sir Barnes Wallis, R. A. C. Brie, Sir Harry Ricardo, Clayton Knight, Henry Knowler, Mike Savage and Hugh Dibley) is :- 

Read more: Air Cdre 'Rod' Banks / Schneider Trophy / Miles M.52 Supersonic Aircraft (National Aerospace...

First Public Manned Demonstration of an EVTOL

On 30 August 2019, Damian Hischier (M) flew the first public manned demonstration of an EVTOL in aviation history, which makes him the first official test pilot of EVTOL aircraft.

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