Virtual Symposium Award Winners and 2020 Fellow Class

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots is proud to announce the
Award Winners from the Virtual Symposium and the 2020 Fellow Class
Herman R. Salmon Technical Publications Award
(Sponsored by Symbolic Displays)

For the Best Technical Paper published in Cockpit during the Past Year

 Des Barker Salmon Winner 2020 Cheetah Walkout2

“Flight Test Report: Focke Wulf Piaggio P149D-Turbo Prop”

Maj Gen Desmond Barker, SAAF (Ret) (M)



Ray E. Tenhoff Award

(Sponsored by Aerospace Services International)

For the Most Outstanding Paper Presented at the SETP Symposium

 Elliott Justin cropSchmitt David

“Fighter Unexplained Physiological Episodes: Testing the Ultimate Complex System”

Lt Col Justin Elliott, USAF (M)

Lt Col David Schmitt, USAF (M)



η Eta Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)

For the Paper Which Best Exhibits Advancements in Flight Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness Presented at the SETP Symposium

 Flynn BillieDowell Christopher

“F-35 Supersonic Flight Test Efficiency Using Atmospheric Modeling and Simulation”

Billie Flynn (F), Lockheed Martin (Ret)

Chris Dowell, Lockheed Martin




Javier Arango Memorial Award

(Sponsored by Safe Flight Instrument Corporation)

For the Paper Which Best Reflects Historical Aircraft and Human Machine Interface

 Harp D. IsaiahSchnell Thomas

“Towards An Improved Interface For Large-Format Displays:

A Comparison Between Eye Tracking, Rhino Pointing and Traditional Tactile Input”

Capt Isaiah Harp, USAF (PAM)

Dr. Thomas Schnell, University of Iowa 




Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award

(Sponsored by Gentex Corporation)

LeVier Award Winner Darren McDonald

Darren McDonald The Boeing Company


J. H. Doolittle Award

(Sponsored by The Boeing Company)

For Excellence in the Technical Management or Engineering Aspects of Aerospace Technology

 2020 Doolittle Winner Al Peterson

Dr. Allen L. Peterson (F), National Test Pilot School



Iven C. Kincheloe Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)

In Recognition of Outstanding Professional Accomplishment in the Conduct of Flight Testing During the Past Year

2020 Kincheloe Winner Tom Carr 
Tom Carr, Garmin

Garmin Emergency Autoland (EAL)




2020 Fellows

Eugene Arnold

Karol Bobko

Rodrigo Huete

Lee Johnson

Magnus Ljungdahl

Gordon McClymont

Justin Paines

David Palmer

James Payne

Didier Poisson

Robert Price

Les Ryan

Jeffrey Trang