Scott R. Foster Award


The Scott R. Foster Award was established by the Central Section of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots in 2019. Scott was an individual who promoted team excellence from his position as an Engineering Test Pilot.  His subtle sense of humor and desire to develop the skills of others made him a natural mentor and an encourager.  His intense desire to find solutions led to many innovations in aircraft design and the execution of flight test.

The Scott Foster award was established to honor the memory of Scott and recognize flight test professionals from the Central Section who have made significant contributions in at least one of the three areas that exemplified Scott’s flight test work: leadership, mentoring and innovation.

Selection Criteria

  • The Central Section will solicit its members annually for nominations of the flight test team member who best demonstrates:
    1. Leadership, or contributions to a flight test team’s spirit and morale, and/or,
    2. Effective mentoring of less experienced test team members (not necessarily in an official leadership role), and/or
    3. Demonstrated exceptional innovation/improvements in aircraft design or flight test execution.
  • Selection will be made by an award committee composed of at least three Central Section SETP members approved by the Central Section Board.

Nomination Criteria

  • The period of performance for the nomination is not limited to the award year.
  • Nominations should be submitted to the SETP Central Section Board by October 1 of each year. This timing allows selection and notification of the recipient in time for award presentation at the Central Section Holiday Party, generally held in December.
  • Nominations may be submitted by individual Central Section SETP members. (Note:  While an SETP member must submit the nomination, the nominee may be a non-member.) 
  • Nominations are limited to two pages.

The Award

The award will consist of an individual plaque bearing the recipient's name.  Recognition of this award will be given during the Central Section’s annual symposium.  Additionally, appropriate recognition may appear in COCKPIT