Friend Of the Society Recipients

1995 Barron Hilton, Hilton Hotels Corporation
1996 Dr. Gerry Morton
1996 Robert Staubli (was given at the ER Symposium)
1997 No recipient for this year
1998 David Hartman, Rodman-Downs
1999 Chaplain William Willson, CHCUSN (Ret)
2000 Dr. Richard P. Hallion, USAF Historian and Dr. James O. Young, AFFTC Chief Historian
2001 Bob Lafey, Boeing, Audio Visual and Claude Pasquis, CLP Enterprises, Audio Visual
2002 Dan Sabovich
2003 Fred Johnsen
2004 Trevor Bushell, BAE Systems and John Hodson, Rolls Royce
2005 Tom Roberts
2006 Michael A. Dornheim and Ken Szalai
2007 Dana Kilanowski
2008 No recipient for this year
2009 Hank Caruso, ForeFeathers Enterprises
2010 Michael J. Fahrney, The Boeing Company
2011 Richard R. Schock, FMS Financial Partners
2012 Paula S. Smith, Executive Director, SETP
2013 Katherine Benjamin
2014 Steve Lewis, National Test Pilot School
2015 Carol Guthrie, Former AFFTC Deputy Comptroller and Author
2016 Dennis Archuleta, Northop Grumman and Louise Cullina, Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) chair for CIRP
2017  Heidi Biermeier
2018 Jan and Bruce Schell
2019 Natalie Rice, Disneyland Resorts

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