Students Currently Enrolled in the Program


Currently enrolled in the Scholarship Program  
Carignan Sammy 2016 3
        Samuelle Toohey Carignan
      Major: Veterinary Assistant
 Brohmer Hansen Juliana
Juliana Brohmer Hansen
Major: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology


Cooley 2016

Aaron Cooley
Major: Economics and History

Thank you for your continued support of my sons to pursue their education.  You truly are a wonderful “band of brothers”
Sheyla Cooley (mother)


Erin DuricyScan

Erin Duricy
Major: Neuroscience


 Hannah MabenScan

                                    Hannah Maben
Major: Chemistry

 Madenwald Thomas2


               Thomas "Luke" Madenwald
     Major: English


 Tim Murray 2

                            Timothy Murray
     Major: Music Production/Sound Engineering

        Yount Jessica
                     Jessica Yount
Major:  Foreign Language and Cultures