The Society of
Experimental Test Pilots

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots

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2014 Kevin Prosser (AF)
2013 Douglas Benjamin (F)
2012 Steve Rainey (AF)
2011 Billie Flynn (F)
2010 Terry E. Tomeny (F)
2009 Gregory V. Lewis (F)
2008 Ricardo S. Traven (F)
2007 James R. Sandberg (F)
2006 Michael V. Rabens (F)
2005 Douglas B. Shane (F)
2004 James E. Brown, III "JB" (F)
2003 Roy Martin (AF)
2002 James H. Doolittle, III (M)
2001 M. Lynn Hanks (F)
2000 Paul Metz (F)
1999 George P. "Buzz" Lynch (F)
1998 Addison S. Thompson (F)
1997 David L. Ferguson (F)*
1996 Rogers E. Smith (AF)
1995 John A. Fergione (F)
1994 Edward T. Schneider (F)
1993 Ken Dyson (F)
1992 David A. Kerzie (AF)
1991 Thomas A. Morgenfeld (F)
1990 Fred J. Cuthill (F)*
1989 Wendell H. Shawler (F)
1988 Robert C. Ettinger (F)
1987 Kurt C. Schroeder (F)
1986 Jack F. Woodman (F)*

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1985 Joe B. Jordan (F)*
1984 Joseph A. Guthrie, Jr. (F)
1983 T. D. Benefield (F)*
1982 William J. Knight (F)*
1981 Kenneth W. Weir (F)
1980 Stanley P. Butchart (F)*
1979 Charles R. Anderson (F)*
1978 Thomas C. McMurtry (M)
1977 Irving L. Burrows (F)
1976 William R. Laidlaw (F)*
1975 James W. Wood (F)*
1974 Robert M. Elder (F)*
1973 James L. Brooks (M)
1972 Kenneth C. Kramer (F)*
1971 Robert A. Hoover (F)
1970 Jesse P. Jacobs, Jr. (F)
1969 Robert A. Hoover (AF)
1968 Robert L. Stephens (F)*
1967 Donald R. Segner (F)
1966 Herbert Z. Hopkins (F)*
1965 James L. Pearce (F) *
1964 Joseph J. Tymczyszyn (F)*
1963 Drury W. Wood, Jr. (F)
1962 William M. Magruder (F)*
1961 Alvin S. White (F)*
1960 Charles E. Myers, Jr. (M)
1959 Albert W. Blackburn (M)*
1958 George R. Jansen (F)*
1957 Ray E. Tenhoff (M)*

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Job Opening - Aerospace Engineer, AST Research Pilot

Job Title:Aerospace Engineer, AST Research Pilot Department:National Aeronautics and Sp...

Job Opening - Test Pilot Flight Instructor

Position: Test Pilot Flight Instructor (position will be ...

Job Opening - Piper Aircraft Senior Engineer, Flight Test Pi

JOB TITLE:Senior Engineer, Flight Test Pilot (Contract Position)Needed ...

Job Opening - Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic Requisition ID: 14002949 APPLY HERE Business Sector: Electronic Systems Location: ...

Job Opening - Flight Test Aero Structural Engineer 2

Northrop Grumman Flight Test Aero Structural Engineer 2 Requisition ID: ...

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