The Society of
Experimental Test Pilots

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots

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Home About SETP Awards Award Winners Ray E. Tenhoff Recipients

Ray E. Tenhoff Recipients

1962 - Thomas P. Frost

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1963 - Donald R. Segner

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1964 - Glenn M. Gray

1965 - Drury W. Wood, Jr.

1966 - Fred W. Haise, Jr.

1967 - Drury W. Wood, Jr.

1968 - Olle Klinker and Erik Dahlstrom

1969 - Larry G. Van Pelt

1970 - James Pollitt

1971 - Norm Driscoll

1972 - Paul S. Norton

1973 - Flt Lt John Potter, RAF

1974 - Karl-Eric Henriksson

1975 - Charles C. Bock, Jr.

1976 - Lt Col John H. Taylor, USAF

1977 - Raymond L. McPherson

1978 - A. Scott Crossfield

1979 - John E. Krings

1980 - LCDR Richard N. Richards, USN and Carroll D. Pilcher

1981 - Maj Ivan M. Behel, USMC and William B. McNamera

1982 - G. Warren Hall and LTC Robert K. Merrill, USA

1983 - Charles A. Sewell

1984 - G. Warren Hall and LTC Patrick M. Morris, USA

1985 - Stephen Ishmael and Lt Col Ted Wierzbanowski, USAF

1986 - Lt Col Frank T. Birk

1987 - William H. Dana and Nicholas D. Lappos

1988 - Laurence A. Walker and Lt Col William R. Neely, Jr., USAF

1989 - LCDR Mike Carriker, USN and SqnLdr David Southwood, RAF

1990 - LCDR Kent Rominger, USN and Jennings Bryant, NATC

1991 - Capt Chris A. Hadfield, RCAF and Sharon W. Houck

1992 - C. Gordon Fullerton and Maj Regis Hancock, USAF

1993 - C. Gordon Fullerton

1994 - Maj William J. Norton, USAF and Maj Pamela A. Melroy, USAF

1995 - Capt Ricardo Traven, CAF, Susan E. Whitley and F. Alan Frazier

1996 - Capt Maurice Girard, CAF and Capt Stuart McIntosh, CAF

1997 - Capt Greg Weber, USAF and Maj Kevin Christensen, USAF

1998 - Ricardo Traven, John Hagan and

1999 - Ralph Johnston and Robert Ryan

2000 - Horst Philipp

2001 - Maj Tim McDonald, USAF and Steve Barter

2002 - Ricardo Traven (M), The Boeing Company

2003 - Burt Rutan, Doug Shane

2004 - Bill Gray

2005 - Norman Howell

2006 - Maj Douglas Wickert, USAF

2007 - Justin Paines, QinetiQ, Buddy Denham, Naval Air Systems Command

2008 - Lt Col Daniel D. Daetz, USAF, Maj Jack D. Fischer, USAF
Brian Knaup, Dept. of the USAF

2009 - Robert A. Rivers, NASA

2010 - Flt Lt Dane Petersen, RAAF and Sqn Ldr Darren Hughes, RAAF

2011 - Sqn Ldr Simon Seymour-Dale, RAF

2012 - Aaron Tobias, Cessna Aircraft and Maurice Girard, Cessna Aircraft

2013 - Mark Stucky, Clint Nichols, Mike Alsbury, Scaled Composites