2023 Flight Test Safety Workshop - Registration Open!

2023 Flight Test Safety Workshop
2-4 May 2023

Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview
400 West Douglas Avenue
Wichita, KS 67202

The Flight Test Safety Committee is pleased to announce that the North American Flight Test Safety Workshop will be held 2-4 May 2023 in Wichita, Kansas.

The Tutorial, “Risk Management For The Future of Flight – Exploring How Risk Management Can Be Applied to New Technologies” will be held at the Textron Aviation Activity Center at Beech Field on Tuesday, 2 May.

The Technical Presentations will be held at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview from 3-4 May.

Click HERE for more information and to register! 

Please note that pre-registration is required, as we cannot guarantee at-the-door registrations will be available.


Tuesday Tutorial: “Risk Management For The Future of Flight – Exploring How Risk Management Can Be Applied to New Technologies

It has become clear that new aircraft and engine technologies are creating an exciting new frontier for aviation.  In various forms, both manned and autonomous, new, novel, and complex technologies currently under development are expected to transport people, carry cargo,  deliver packages and organ donations, and conduct many missions yet to be defined.  Testing accidents have already occurred, both in actual flight testing, and in the novel technologies used to “power” flight, such as Lithium Ion battery fires.   This tutorial will explore how to adapt risk management methodologies, such as STPA, to testing of these new and novel technology aircraft.  We’ll revisit the STPA process, and also discuss real examples of applying risk management processes to new technology aircraft. 

Join us for FTSW ‘23 tutorial to learn more about how to apply risk management to testing of aircraft that don’t fit our traditional or historical perspective of aircraft design.  As an attendee, you will depart the workshop with a stronger understanding of risk management processes you can use in your organization.