2021 Flight Test Safety Workshop Info


2021 Flight Test Safety Workshop

4-6 May 2021


Gene Kranz famously coined the term “Tough and Competent” in his “Kranz Dictum” to describe the “price of admission” to the ranks of NASA Mission Control. Would you argue with the guy that was central to bringing the Apollo 13 crew home safe? For him, “Tough” related to uncompromised responsibilities, and total accountability for actions. “Competent” related to knowledge and skill, and never being deficient in either. Transposing this to SMS Safety Promotion suggests that we are sufficiently trained to perform to the competencies required by our flight test organization and the SMS (you do have SMS don’t you?).  Training underpins all critical functions and effective communications enables awareness and continuous learning. The 2021 edition of the Flight Test Safety Workshop will anchor on training, education and communication as it relates to flight test safety. 

Join us as we focus on Safety Promotion, the 4th major component of the Safety Management System (SMS).

Additional Workshop info coming soon!