Southwest Aerospace Symposium - Information

Southwest Aerospace Symposium

Saturday, 28 October 2023
University of Texas at Arlington
SETP Southwest Section/ SFTE & AIAA North Texas Sections


Weather used to be the problem, now it solves the problem
Dr. Mike Skaff, Lockheed Martin

Bell 525 Artificial Icing Flight Test Campaign
Stefan Hanekom (AF), Bell

The e-Pilot: Even Great Pilots Need a Cognitive Boost
Keith Higginbotham, Lockheed Martin

YF-16 No. 2 Fort Worth Restoration
Kevin Renshaw, Lockheed Martin (ret.)

Hypersonic Test Aircraft
Dr. Bernd Chudoba, UTA

Autonomy Demos and the Evolution of Optimally Crewed Vehicles
Kevin Christensen (AF) & Francis Govers, Bell

F-35 Early Weight Reduction Program
Art Sheridan, Lockheed Martin (ret.)

Thoughts on the Future FTE
Jeff Canclini F, Lockheed Martin (ret.)

Rex Walheim M
Luncheon Keynote Speaker

A veteran of three NASA Space Shuttle flights as well as USAF, Rex Walheim is Axiom’s Chief Safety Officer. As a NASA astronaut, he logged more than 36 hours on five spacewalks and more than 36 days in space during STS-110 in 2002, STS-122 in 2008, and STS-135 – the final flight of the Space Shuttle Program in 2011. 

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