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To promote the various digital collections the National Aerospace Library has developed in recent years (including among others the Library's e-Book service, Heritage web-site and the Mary Evans Picture Library web-sites such as shown in the NAL Quick Links below) which people can still access if they are working at home or 'stuck' indoors, I have been busy compiling a series of articles for the Royal Aeronautical Society's Aerospace magazine to promote these services to those who are facing increasing social isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

Please find attached the first of these to be published in Aerospace April 2020 which is an article on the National Aerospace Library Sound Archive

to which the very latest additions include a historic sound recording of Major Frederick Michael Green in which he recalls his experiences of the early days of developing aircraft at the Royal Aircraft Factory at Farnborough and recording of a 2008 lecture by Pat Norris on the operation of spy satellites during the Cold War.

The specific links to the sound recordings are (just click on the arrow button to 'Play'):-

the plan is to try and add a new podcast each week (as permissions from the speakers or descendants of the speakers to digitally release the recordings are received)  and just today we have released a recording that would be of particular interest to SETP members of a 2012 lecture by Clive Rustin in which he reflects on his long career as a test pilot flying 165 different aircraft types 

    The specific links to the sound recording is (just click on the arrow button to 'Play'):-

Brian Riddle
Chief Librarian
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