E-VTOL Flight Test Council Hosts First Webinar

Al Lawless
E-VTOL Flight Test Council Chair
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E-VTOL Flight Test Council Hosts First Webinar

The newly formed Electric and VTOL FTC is up and running and will meet biweekly. We will be hosting a webinar open to all.

The attached mission statement was our first order of business and was followed by brainstorming activities to meet that mission.

Presenting will be Dave Webber, FAA researcher and FTE for Aircraft Certification/Standards development.  He’ll discuss “surrogate UAM” (helicopter) flight testing to evaluate UAM vehicle characteristics and key interests including P&FQ, glidepath angles, and operating environments.  This will address flight test investigations that NASA, the FAA and others conducted to set a path for urban air mobillity. Dave will share NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign thought process and solicit comments, questions, ideas, concerns from fellow professionals.

 All welcome to attend this free webinar, Tuesday 20 October, 11-noon Eastern time.

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