The Society of Experimental Test Pilots is proud to announce the
Award Winners from the 63rd Annual Symposium & Banquet and the 2019 Fellow Class
Herman R. Salmon Technical Publications Award
(Sponsored by Symbolic Displays)

For the Best Technical Paper published in Cockpit during the Past Year

“Pilot Closed Loop Dynamic Instability Testing For Transport Aircraft Certification ”

Dr. Brian P. Lee, The Boeing Company
Dr. Kirk A. Vining (AF), The Boeing Company

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 026


Friend of the Society Recognition

Natalie Rice, Disneyland Resorts

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 014


Ray E. Tenhoff Award

(Sponsored by Aerospace Services International)

For the Most Outstanding Paper Presented at the SETP Symposium

“Thinking Big: First Flight of the World’s Biggest Airplane”

Evan Thomas (AF), Scaled Composites
Christopher Guarante (M), Boom Technology
Jake Riley, Scaled Composites

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 032


η Eta Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)

For the Paper Which Best Exhibits Advancements in Flight Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness Presented at the SETP Symposium

“Objective Measures of Pilot Workload”

Lt Col Paul Calhoun, USAF
Maj Calvin D’Silva, USAF (PAM)
Dr. Thomas Schnell, University of Iowa

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 037


Javier Arango Memorial Award
(Sponsored by Safe Flight Instrument Corporation)

For the Paper Which Best Reflects Historical Aircraft and Human Machine Interface

Steve Carothers, Bombardier Aerospace

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 044


Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award

(Sponsored by Gentex Corporation)

Barbara Gordon (M), U.S. Naval Test Pilot School
LT Mark Hargrove, USN

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 053


J. H. Doolittle Award

(Sponsored by The Boeing Company)
For Excellence in the Technical Management or Engineering Aspects of Aerospace Technology

Douglas A. Benjamin (F), The Boeing Company (Ret)

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 112


Iven C. Kincheloe Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)
In Recognition of Outstanding Professional Accomplishment in the Conduct of Flight Testing During the Past Year

Evan C. Thomas (AF), Scaled Composites
Stratolaunch Aircraft

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 116



2019 Fellows

Thomas Archer

Craig Bomben

Roderick Cregier

John Croll

Paul Edwards

Robert Hover

Jake Howard

Thomas LeBeau

Scott Martin

Tore Reimers

James Richmond

 Fellows Class


 Shaking of the Stick 

William Gray (F), USAF Test Pilot School
SETP President 2019/2020

SETP 2019 Awards 092819 130