The Society of Experimental Test Pilots is proud to announce the
Award Winners from the 61st Annual Symposium & Banquet and the 2017 Fellow Class
Herman R. Salmon Technical Publications Award
(Sponsored by Symbolic Displays)

For the Best Technical Paper published in

Cockpit during the Past Year

“Compatibility Flight Testing in 30 Year Old Aircraft - A Case Study on Ineffective Lesson Sharing”

Lt Col Tucker Hamilton, USAF (M)

Tucker Hamilton Salmon Award


Friend of the Society Recognition

Heidi Biermeier


Ray E. Tenhoff Award

(Sponsored by Aerospace Services International)

For the Most Outstanding Paper Presented

at the SETP Symposium

T-38 Compressor Stall Mitigation - Propulsion Flight Test

Lt Col Matt Russell, USAF (M)

Matt Russell Tenhoff


η Eta Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)

For the Paper Which Best Exhibits Advancements

in Flight Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness Presented

at the SETP Symposium

“XC-2 Development Overview: A Novel Test Technique With SCAS”

Maj Haruhiko Naganawa, JASDF
Maj Naoki Morimoto, JASDF

ETA Award


Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award

(Sponsored by Gentex Corporation)

Mark Skoog, NASA Armstong Flight Research Center

Mark Skoog LeVier Award

J. H. Doolittle Award

(Sponsored by The Boeing Company)

For Excellence in the Technical Management or Engineering Aspects of Aerospace Technology

William Gray (F), USAF Test Pilot School

Bill Gray Doolittle Award


Iven C. Kincheloe Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)
In Recognition of Outstanding Professional Accomplishment in the Conduct of Flight Testing During the Past Year

Chuck Ellis (AF), Bombardier Flight Test Center
Bombardier C Series

Chuck Ellis Kincheloe


2017 Fellows


Rudolf Engeler

Todd Ericson

Kent Ewing

William Gray

Robert Hood

Richard Ljungberg

Andrew McDicken

C. Wayne Staley

Michael Wallace

2017 New Fellows Group


2017 Honorary Fellow

Jean-Marie Saget

 Saget Jean Marie