12th Annual Northwest Symposium - Registration

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots
12th Annual Northwest Section Symposium

Seattle, Washington

21 April 2023


The Pacific Northwest Members of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots will convene our 12th annual Symposium on Friday, 21 April at The Museum of Flight.  Aviation interests of this region are very diverse, from Large Transport Aircraft Certification testing to clean sheet new technology prototype aircraft first flights.  Engineering fields include but are not limited to unmanned autonomous systems, rockets, navigational systems, sensors, avionics, displays, flight controls, and propulsion systems.

The purpose of this Symposium is to share the knowledge gained in the course of planning, execution and documentation of flight test activities.  The intent of the Symposium is to help prevent re-learning of hard lessons through cross pollination of the ideas and discoveries from our seemingly different, yet similar and related areas of flight test.  Following the same formula of our successful previous Symposia, we continue to solicit presentations and attendance from both members and non-members.

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