Virgin Galactic - Pilots

Virgin Galactic (VG) is recruiting pilots to support the development and the flight test programs of its current and future spaceflight vehicles, and to operate commercial spaceflights. Successful applicants will be based at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Some work will also take place from time to time at other locations in NM, and in other States.

The primary responsibilities are test flying and commercial pilot duties. Pilots will support the development and operation of the VG spaceflight system in accordance with government regulations and company policies and procedures, and operate the sub-orbital spaceflight service for VG Customer-Astronauts and Science-Research Payload customers. Duties in addition to flight duties on the VG Spaceflight System vehicles and other aircraft, duties will also include flight planning activities, mission control support roles, the development of training assets, vehicle operations documentation, planning, testing and developing follow-on vehicles, recruitment, record keeping and training obligations, as well as supporting the safety, engineering, maintenance, commercial and marketing teams, and supporting customer hospitality and training.

Requirements for successful candidates

 Essential:

 US citizen or US person – compliant with ITAR (22 CFR §120.15)

 Graduate of an SETP-recognized test pilot school full (one year) course with extensive

post-graduate test program experience.

 Degree level qualification in a relevant technical field.

 Proven successful team member.

 Excellent communication skills.

 The position is to be based in New Mexico.

 Desirable:

 A minimum of 2½ years post-graduate test pilot school flight test experience.

 A diverse flying background with at least 2,500 hours flying experience to include: multi-

engine aircraft with asymmetric thrust performance and handling considerations; high

performance fast jet aircraft, and low lift-to-drag ratio glide experience (e.g. simulated

flameout landings) in complex aircraft.

 Operational experience of a commercial aerospace aviation project or business.

 Excellent and current knowledge of a diverse range of aerospace matters.

 A current FAA commercial (or equivalent) pilot license and FAA Class 1 medical

 Ability to communicate aviation knowledge and safety related information simply,

succinctly and clearly.

 Previous responsibility for authorizing and implementing policies and procedures to

ensure safe and efficient flight operations.

 Preference may be given to those with experience of:

 Spaceflight

 Commercial flight operations with customer interaction experience.

Some of the above non-essential criteria may be reduced for otherwise exceptional candidates.

Applications to: Sandy Reade, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

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