Specialist Engineer - Flight Test Pilot - Piper Aircraft

Specialist Engineer - Flight Test Pilot  (Full Time)

Essential Duties

  • Act as pilot-in-command for Piper experimental test operations aircraft during the conduct of flight test activities related to the development and certification of Piper products
  • Coordinate project-specific flight and ground crew logistics including pre-flight briefings, post flight briefings, duty day restrictions, travel, transportation, and, especially, test hazard mitigation requirements
  • Create, revise, review, and approve technical and compliance documents subject to the Piper ODA
  • Participate in the Piper safety management system, including serving as the Flight Test Safety Officer
  • Liaise with other departments as the Experimental Flight Test subject matter expert
  • Mentor less experienced flight test pilots
  • Complete required initial and recurrent safety training


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related field
  • 15 years of flight test experience with a minimum of 5 years as a flight test pilot
  • Commercial Pilot’s License with Multi-engine and Instrument ratings
  • Familiarity with 14CFR Part 23 regulations and associated guidance material


Preferred Education and Experience

  • Test Pilot School Graduate
  • Graduate degree in engineering or related field
  • Consulting DER Appointment (Test Pilot and/or Flight Analyst)
  • Experience as an ODA Unit Member (Test Pilot and/or Flight Analyst)

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