Research Pilots (2) - NASA Langley Research Center

NASA Langley Research Center is hiring two Research Pilots.  One through USA Jobs and one direct hire via resumes.

NASA Langley Research Center provides manned and unmanned aircraft for the agency’s research mission.  This includes aeronautical research, airborne science research, science instrument development and some space mission support.  International flight operations are required to support the mission.  NASA Langley is a public use operation with public use self-certification of airworthiness.  Flight testing of modified aircraft is routine.  The aircraft at NASA Langley are Gulfstream III, Falcon 20, King Air 200, Cirrus SR-22, Lancair Columbia 300, several research simulators and several remote-control model aircraft and drones.  Learn about NASA Langley’s rich history here:

The first, a GS-14 (target 15) permanent position, is now viewable from USA Jobs at:  It is an Aerospace Technologist position.  In addition to research pilot duties, this pilot will be expected to work with research teams in a project planning role.  Requirements include 1500 hours of PIC time, jet time, FAA Commercial Pilot / Multi-Engine (or ATP) or military equivalent and relevant prior experience as a research pilot or test pilot.  TPS graduate desired but not required if equivalent experience can be demonstrated.  Please see all the details in the USA Job ad and apply on line.  Be sure to include details of all pilot hours requested. 

The second, as GS-14, term position is a 4-year term that allows for continued employment as long as research projects continue the need for pilot staffing at these levels.  Read about term positions here:  Since this position is a non-competitive hire, conversion to permanent is not possible without meeting a competitive hiring process later.  In addition to research pilot duties (see the USA Job ad for examples), this pilot will be assisting the chief pilot with training oversight. TPS graduate desired but not required if equivalent experience can be demonstrated.   This hiring authority allows NASA Langley to select from a broader pool of pilot candidates.  Interested pilots should send resumes to SETP Associate Fellow, Greg Slover at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Be sure to review the requirements in the USA Jobs advertisement and include details of all pilot hours requested.

Interested pilots may apply for one, the other, or both.  Please note the NASA pilots are now under a special pay rate table (0767) and the salary in USA Jobs does not reflect the increased range from $122-$159K.