NH-IV/GS-14 Pilot and NH-III Chief Engineer - Holloman, AFB

The 586FLTS is hiring at Holloman, AFB, New Mexico. We currently have openings for a NH-IV/GS-14 Pilot and NH-III Chief Engineer.

The 586FLTS operates modified T-38C and C-12F/J flying testbeds. The 586FLTS rapidly executes small test programs for all DOD branches and many government agencies. In the past year we have accomplished the first airborne link up with SpaceX’s Starlink constellation, chased the first flight of the XQ-58A UAV, dropped multiple stores from our C-12s, executed two test management programs for USAF TPS, provided T-38 target support on both coasts, and much more.

The pilot position will fly the T-38A/C and the C-12F/J executing test and test support missions out of Holloman AFB. The civilian pilot position provides continuity within the squadron and will be qualified in all squadron missions. Specifically, T-38 and C-12 chase/low level/LASDT/FCF and T-38 intercept/BFM/ACBT/weapons delivery. For this reason, fighter experience and fast jet IP experience is required. Test experience is desired, as is a TPS and/or WIC graduate. The position must be able to hold a TS/SCI.

The 586FLTS chief engineer is a flying position and will perform FTE duties on all squadron aircraft. The position is in charge of aircraft modifications and test program management. The chief engineer is responsible for overseeing the test modifications to the squadron’s four T-38 and two C-12 aircraft.  The ideal candidate would have an aeronautical engineering or EE background, and experience with aircraft modifications and airworthiness determination. They should be capable of leading a small test team and simultaneously managing multiple programs. The position must be able to hold a TS/SCI.     

Interested individuals should contact Mr. Tom “Sulu” Hill for more information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (575) 572-1222.

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