NASA Research Pilot

GS-15 NASA Research Pilot

Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Permanent Appointment

Job Ad open from 4/02/2020 to 4/06/2020

NASA Langley conducts aeronautical research and airborne science research using G-III, FA-20, BE-20, Cessna COL3, Cirrus SR-22 and multiple small UAS aircraft.  NASA Langley heavily modifies these aircraft specific to each research project.  Flight are conducted worldwide.  NASA Langley is based out of beautiful Hampton Roads, VA and operates from Langley AFB (KLFI).

We are seeking professional, driven pilots competent in developmental flight test, airborne research and worldwide flight ops experience willing to join a team to further NASA’s aerospace missions.

Notes: US citizens only, NASA has a pilot age limitation of 65

Questions can be addressed to me at the below email.


Greg Slover – Associate Fellow
Research Pilot/Aviation Safety Officer
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