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Flight Test Pilot



REPORTS TO: Program Manager  


Graduate of a SETP recognized Test Pilot School (TPS) or have achieved SETP member status with at least 10 years of flight test experience (required).

Last flight as pilot in command within the previous 12 months (required).

MQ-9 MCE and/or LR experience (preferred).


Bachelor’s Degree (Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics) or Master’s Degree (any Engineering field) with a minimum GPA of 3.0; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commercial pilot license with instrument rating (required).  

REQUIREMENTS: Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate, US Citizen, Current Top Secret Security Clearance (required) 

Travel: May be required to travel to other sites to perform duties. 


Position Summary: Responsible for coordination of customer flight test support requirements and aircraft operation to ensure flight safety and success. Applies extensive knowledge and experience of flight test operations to provide test planning, training and evaluation, pre-flight planning, flight briefings, post-flight briefings, and post-flight test analysis and reports. Knowledgeable of aviation flight operations as well as instructional procedures and techniques. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

Test and evaluate capabilities of new equipment and propriety of new procedures. 

Conduct test (Acceptance Test and Developmental Test) and normal operations in accordance
with established test cards, published flight manuals, checklists, technical orders, instructions and other approved manuals as provided by the manufacturer.  

Test Planning: Review test plans, test cards, and other documentation for ground and flight
test events and provide feedback to Flight Test Engineer (FTE) as required. 

Attend and participate in Test Plan Working Groups (TPWGs), Technical Interchange
Meetings (TIMs), Test Kickoff Meetings, Test Readiness Reviews (TRRs), Safety Review Boards (SRBs), and Technical Review Boards (TRBs). 

Support FTE in execution of test projects with elevated risk (greater than Low). 

Pre-flight Planning: Coordinate customer flight support requirements and develop valid
mission plans to include map analysis for mission route selection including terrain evaluation; communications planning; compliance with customer, FAA, ICAO, and host nation regulations; developing and filing flight plans; weather evaluation; fuel requirements, mission risk assessment; crew assignments; pre-flight briefing and safety of flight evaluation.

Perform pre-flight and in-flight mission planning activities in accordance with unified combatant command and theater rules of engagement. Must understand tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for friendly and enemy Air Order Battle (AOB) assets. 

Conduct all phases of safe ground and flight operations, including pre-flight, ground
checks, launch, normal flight, emergency flight, recovery, and post-flight. 

Participate in post-flight debriefing to determine mission accomplishments and potential procedural development. 

Submit T.O. change requests and Deficiency Reports (DR) identified during ground and flight test operations. 

Operate mission planning ancillary equipment to initialize information for download to airborne mission systems.  

Receive, interpret, extract, and disseminate relevant ATO, Airspace Control Order (ACO) and SPINs information.  

Obtain and maintain professional certifications required to pilot/operate aircraft to include appropriate difference training and qualification on new aircraft.

Accurately track and accomplish currency requirements, annual evaluations/training events, go/no-go Flight Crew Information File items, and safety briefings. 

Conduct initial, qualification, upgrade and continuation training for mission crew members.  

Perform training, planning, standardization and evaluation, and other staff duty functions.  

Perform staff assistance visits to subordinate units.  

Perform other duties as assigned. 

Equal Employment and Opportunity Statement: Battlespace, Inc. is committed to the policy of providing equal employment opportunities for training, compensation, transfer, promotion, and other aspects of employment for all qualified applicants and employees without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status. 

Managers and supervisors are required to ensure policies regarding hiring, salary administration, promotion, and transfer are based solely on job requirements, job performance, and job related criteria. In addition, personnel policies and practices, including those relating to compensation, benefits, transfer, retention, termination, training, self-development opportunities, as well as social and recreational programs are administered without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or other basis prohibited by law. 

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