DeltaHawk Engines, Inc - Part-time Test Pilot Consultant

Part-time Test Pilot (Non-direct employee)

DeltaHawk Engines, Inc, Racine, WI is in need of an experienced small airplane Test Pilot.  DeltaHawk has nearly completed FAA Type Certification of its Compression Ignition piston aircraft engine, and is entering flight test phase of the engine in various aircraft, both Certified and E-AB Experimental aircraft.  Our immediate need is to commence testing a Velocity E-AB Twin Engine aircraft equipped with our engines.  This aircraft has not yet flown.  

We also have an immediate need to test our Cirrus SR-20 aircraft.  This is a Certified aircraft, currently in Experimental R&D to test our engine installation.  We have numerous other projects to test over time as we develop engine installation kits, including a Cessna 172 STC project, plus other certified and experimental aircraft.

We would ideally like to find the right person who can grow with us and know our engine and installation well, and provide valuable feedback to both Aircraft Integration and Engine development teams.  

This position is NOT a direct company hire at this time, but a part-time consulting position with hours depending upon specific project workload.

Contact Dennis Webb directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on his cell, 262-497-0713.