704th Test Group Technical Director, Holloman AFB, New Mexico

The 704th Test Group (AEDC) is hiring at Holloman AFB, New Mexico for the Group’s Technical Director--NH-IV (GS-15 equivalent).  Accepting resumes through 31 March.

The 704th Test Group operates four major test and evaluation facilities including the Central Inertial Guidance Test Facility, the High Speed Test Track, the National RCS Test Facility, and the Landing Gear Test Facility.  Additional 704 TG mission areas include fight test, directed energy, experimentation, air vehicle survivability and RCS measurement: https://www.holloman.af.mil/About/Units/704th-Test-Group/

  • 704th Test Group Technical Director serves as a nationally recognized authority in the field of testing and as an engineering and scientific advisor and consultant for the 704th Test Group. 
  • The Group Technical Director provides scientific and technical guidance and final review of all technical aspects of programs in the 704 TG and represents the Test Group in technical matters related to testing, test design, budgeting, test results, new test capabilities, workload acceptance and related command-wide studies.
  • The Technical Director provides technical guidance in evaluating current and future workload, investment programs, and allocation of technical and scientific resources.
  • Test experience is required.


  • The 704 TG/CA position is a supervisory position
  • Level 3 T&E Acquisition Professional Development Program certification is required
  • An active TS clearance is required
  • The 704 TG/CA position is designated as a Key Leadership Position (KLP)
  • The 704 TG/CA position is a drug testing position

Additional details attached. Interested individuals should reach out to me directly or contact Ms. Keisha Wood (575-572-1354) for more information. 

Please send resumes to the 704th TG HR team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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