Robert Behler (F) DoD Operational Test & Evaluation Director Nominee


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Robert Behler (F) to be Nominated DoD Operational Test & Evaluation Director

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Airbus Perlan Mission II Soars Into History, Sets New World Record for Glider Altitude

Congratulations to Chief Pilot Jim Payne (M) and Co-Pilot Morgan Sandercock for completing this historic Perlan 2 flight.

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First Flight Indonesian N219

Esther Gayatri Saleh (M), was Captain for the first flight of the N219, a design from PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI).

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Red Bulletin Magazine - National Test Pilot School

Check out the Red Bull, Red Bulletin Magazine articles below on National Test Pilot School and Instructor James "JB" Brown (F)!


This first article is about NTPS and their famous F-22/F-117 test pilot instructor JB Brown:


This second article is about some of the instructors and student pilots at NTPS: