Flight Test Safety Workshop - Hotel Cut Off Date Extended to 6 April

Test professionals, in the last seven years, we’ve had eleven(!) flight test-related mishaps, seven being fatal with twenty-two lives lost. It goes without saying that these tragic events have a tremendous and lasting impact to families, as well as to friends and colleagues of the fallen. These avoidable accidents should be considered a call to action for all of us in the flight test community. What can YOU do? Attend, and promote others to attend, the 2018 Flight Test Safety Workshop!

We are preparing an engaging workshop that takes a detailed look at Flight Test Risk Management. Learn/refresh critical thinking skills related to hazard identification and risk mitigation in relevant flight testing scenarios. We need your expertise and experience to elevate the discussion and ultimately, formulation of thorough hazard analyses that you can use in your test organization. Show your commitment to the test community and enhancing flight test safety by attending this workshop! Book your hotel today to take advantage of the discounted rate. Register for the conference ASAP so we can forward the pre-workshop survey and collate results that will aid our workshop discussions.

Thank you for your consideration and dedication to flight test safety!

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The Flight Test Safety Workshop Hotel Cut Off Date is Friday 6 April. If you have any intention of attending the workshop please book a room now because we will not be able to help you get one after the cutoff date as there are other local events that will fill the hotel. You can cancel up to 72 hours prior if you are unable to make it.