The Society of Experimental Test Pilots is proud to announce the
Award Winners from the 60th Annual Symposium & Banquet
and the 2016 Fellow Class
Herman R. Salmon Technical Publications Award
(Sponsored by Symbolic Displays)

For the Best Technical Paper published in

Cockpit during the Past Year


“And the World Turned: Spin Testing the DG-1000S”

Timothy S. McDonald (AF), USAF Test Pilot School

SETP 2016 20160924 506


Friend of the Society Recognition

Dennis Archuleta, Northrop Grumman

Louise Cullinan, ALPA

SETP 2016 20160924 513

SETP 2016 20160924 509


Ray E. Tenhoff Award

(Sponsored by Aerospace Services International)

For the Most Outstanding Paper Presented

at the SETP Symposium


“C Series: Bombardier’s First Fly By Wire Aircraft-

Flight Test Results and Lessons Learned”

Maurice Girard and Richard Ling, Bombardier Aerospace

SETP 2016 20160924 519


η Eta Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)

For the Paper Which Best Exhibits Advancements

in Flight Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness Presented

at the SETP Symposium


“Full Envelope Airspeed Calibration

Using a Single Turning Acceleration Technique”

            Maj Nick Beihl (M), USAF
           Capt Juan Jurado, USAF
           Capt Clark McGehee, USAF

SETP 2016 20160924 527



Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award

(Sponsored by Gentex Corporation)

Warren A. Hansen (AF), Textron Aviation

SETP 2016 20160924 534


J. H. Doolittle Award

(Sponsored by The Boeing Company)

For Excellence in the Technical Management or Engineering Aspects of Aerospace Technology
Jeffrey A. Wieringa (AF), The Boeing Company

SETP 2016 20160924 602


Iven C. Kincheloe Award

(Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)
In Recognition of Outstanding Professional Accomplishment in the Conduct of Flight Testing During the Past Year
Scott Martin (AF), Gulfstream Aerospace

SETP 2016 20160924 616




2016 Fellows


Robert F. Behler

Richard S. Couch

Kevin R. Dwyer

Peter B. Field

Gary M. Freeman

Scott J. Kelly

Richard A. Lee

Nat Makepeace

Carl Meade

Nicola Pecile

Robert B. Stoney

Christopher D. Taylor


SETP 2016 20160924 591


2016 Honorary Fellows

Raymond L. Jones

John Desmond Penrose

Ray Jones Certificate

SETP 2016 20160924 596