Applied Minds - Combat Pilot Consultant


APPLIED MINDS is looking for highly-experienced former (non-active duty) fighter pilots, to act as design, operations, and human factors consultants on a challenging project to invent the future combat pilot control interface modalities.  Experience across multiple high-performance platforms is desirable, as well as combat experience with US Air Force 4th, and some familiarity with 5th generation fighters.

Founded in 2000, Applied Minds draws on the talents of nearly 150 employees and a network of external subject matter experts to innovate by working across the disciplines of art, design, science, and engineering.  We help government organizations and Tier 1 & 2 contractors innovate in the development and application of new creative concepts, technologies and products.

Our work encompasses human machine interface design, user experience design, conceptual design, creative problem solving, hardware and software development, and rapid prototyping.  The company works equally in the defense and industrial sectors, as well as directly for the US Government.  

Specific topics to be covered within this project include, but which do not need to be within the previous experience of the applicant are:

  1. 1. Next generation Human Machine Interfaces for high performance aircraft
  2. 2. Data visualization, displays, flight control, & user experience design
  3. 3. Flight management, advanced automation software, and enhanced SA
  4. 4. Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, & Expert Systems
  5. 5. Sensor fusion, processing, correlation, data reduction, and presentation
  6. 6. Massive database management, data analytics, and processing
  7. 7. Common sense, and context based data analytics, and interactive systems
  8. 8. Human / AI interaction and cooperation


US citizenship is required, and prior or active security clearance is a plus.

Qualified and interested candidates, please apply here to be considered for this position: