62nd Symposium & Banquet - Registration & Info


The Society of Experimental Test Pilots

62nd Symposium & Banquet ~ Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa in Anaheim, CA

 26 ~ 29 September 2018


 Click HERE for more information and to register!


As we get closer to the event date and after you have registered for the Symposium, you will receive an email invitation from Crowd Compass to download the Symposium Smart Phone App.


As you may be aware, we continue to look for ways to accommodate the large number of people for evening hospitality events.  The 50 person fire code limit for the suites is too restrictive for our attendees and at those limits is not really conducive to our goal of creating an environment to discuss, debate, network, connect, catch up and generally share comradery.  This limitation is not unique to Disney properties - concerns with large crowds in rooms with balconies, in addition to the reality of fire code restrictions put in place to ensure safety, are being enforced everywhere.

We had success last year with getting a larger venue that can comfortably accommodate our numbers which we want to remain high for these events.  This year, we will use larger venues again and reduce people having to move locations by keeping us generally in the same area we ended the final program event of the day. I think this will create a better, more comfortable environment and not force us to limit or restrict numbers of people. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to try to ensure we make our Annual Symposium and Banquet an exceptional event.

Art "Turbo" Tomassetti (F)
SETP President