The Society of
Experimental Test Pilots

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots

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Fellow Classes

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Rolf Beglinger
Etienne De Malleray
Wolf-Dietrich Havenstein
Terry Lutz
Alan Norman
Roy Palmer
S.M. Purvis
Hubert Smith
Art Tomassetti
Gerald Whites

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Daniel C. Dugan
Maurice J. Girard
W.D. "Doug" Pearson
Charles Precourt
Steven M. Rainey
Derek Reeh
Gideon Singer
James W. Smolka
Joseph E. Sobczak
Pietro Venanzi
Andrew Warner


Gerald M. Baker
Michael H. Carriker
Michael Collins
Albert H. Crews
Robert Hierl
Geri Kraehenbuhl
George J. Marrett
Randall L. Neville
Lyle H. Schaefer
Daniel Vanderhorst


Gp Capt David Best, RAF
CDR Keith B. Engelsman, RAN (Ret)
Col Roy Gray, USMC (Ret)
Brig Gen William Jay Jabour, USAF (Ret)
Lt Col Chuck Killberg, USAF (Ret)
Jeffrey W. Knowles
David Lockspeiser
CDR Thomas L. Macdonald, USN (Ret)
Daniel MullerThomas E. Twiggs
Col Robert A. Zang, USAF (Ret)


Joe H. Engle
John H. Glenn
Eric P. Hansen
Leo G. Janssens
W. L. Martin Mayer
Charles A. Plummer, Jr.
Ola Rignell
Mark O. Schlegel
Charles F. Stender


Douglas A. Benjamin
Robert D. Cabana
John E. Cashman
William A. Flynn
Channing S. Morse
Dennis P. O’Donoghue
David W. Thomas
Terry E. Tomeny
Peter Weger
Grady W. Wilson


Charles L. “Chip” Collins
J.W. “Jed” Pearson
Michael V. Rabens
Dieter H. Thomas
Ricardo S. Traven
John R. “Smoke” Wilson, Jr.


H. W. “Hank” Hartsfield
Rudy Haug
Stanley J. Kakol
Louis H. Knotts
David L. Lawrence
Philip W. Schultz
Vladimir Zakoupen


Richard O. Covey
Horst H. Hickl
J. Kenneth Higgins
David W. Milam
CAPT William F. Readdy, USNR (Ret)
Dennis A. Tuck

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